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New York Knicks 2011 on

After having watched the Knicks get swept the offseason is now on my mind, and this is going to be a big deal for the Knicks and the future.

1st thing- Pick up Donnie's option the guy deserves it.

2nd thing- I know this won't happen knowing how Dolan conducts himself, but it would be to fire D'antoni. The guy is not going to bring NY a championship, and he won't change his offense with the players he has. The personnel the Knicks have is more suited for a half court offense and a hard nosed defensive team. If it were up to me I would buy out D'antoni and hire Lawrence Frank. I know how Frank's tenure ended in NJ, but the guy can flat out coach, and knows the game as well as anyone.

3rd thing- The roster. This is going to be a tough tough issue. The guys I want to keep and the guys I want to get rid of list.

Chauncey Billups- A true point guard who with a half court offense will flourish, but not with D'antoni as the coach.

Shawne Williams- Has overcome a lot from his mishaps earlier in his career, and he's a shooter so he'll always have a place in my book on the Knicks.

Ronny Turiaf- High energy guy, takes the load off amar'e, plays tough D as well

Jared Jeffries: He should have never been allowed to come back, who ever allowed this is an idiot, I think it was D'antoni.

Landry Fields: I know I am going to get some heat on this, but here's why. I do NOT think Landry is a bad player at all, he's actually a good player, but once the Melo trade happened he declined in #s and effectiveness. He isn't going to do the things he did before the Melo trade with Melo around, so we might as well trade him for players who will work better with Melo and Stat. Though, if Landry can adjust his game, which I believe he can, then by all means keep him.

Bill Walker- Nothing against him, but he's more so expendable than anything.

Player(s) I hope we can acquire in the draft
1. Brandon Knight- I know we would have to trade a lot, but if we can trade up to get him then I want him. Almost every team in the league has an up coming point guard we need ours.

2. Kenneth Faried- If Brandon Knight does not work out this is the guy I want. An elite rebounder who has the heart of a lion and plays tough defense as well. His offensive game is very raw, but I believe he will work on it and become a serviceable offensive player.

I am excited to hear what everyone has to say.

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i feel this way about alot of colleges coaches who get fired after maybe three yrs and dont get to finish one whole recruiting class than some coach inherits their players and is made out to the the best coach around for example shaka smart..why im not sayin hes a bad coach at all bc i believe he is a awesome young coach, he took a team he didnt recruit to the final four. dantoni came to ny knowing they were gonna suck and it would be a few yrs til he had a competive team and he stuck it out he did! and he coach every game like they were on the brink of the post seasons the last few yrs and to tak his job away now to me shows that they never had him in the plans for the future.. bc regardless what ur problem with him is, the dude can flat out coach. so i say give him his final yr and lets see what happens.

now landry fields, the dude averaged ten points and change before melo came and once he left his points per game only dropped one point. while i do agree he fell off a bit give the kid a change, for a team that already has a saflary to keep an eye on why trade a kid with potential who make a half a mil a yr

and final thought there is no way i want chauncey back unless we buy him out and sign him to a mle bc he was with the knicks for what thirty games and missed time than missed the first round bc of injuries and they play him fifteen million a yr.

besideds that i agree,

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i say get rid of walsh,

i say get rid of walsh, dantoni, billups,jeffries and walker, anthony carter, roger mason jr, and balkman, rautins

billups and amare dont work i feel so i say get a new fast pg for amare to run with.

my ideal coach for the knicks: mike woodson.

i say try and bring back felton if any way possibly.

then try and draft a guy like faried.

keep: amare, melo, tony douglas, field, shawne and shelden williams, turiaf

our line up:

pg raymond felton, tony douglas

sg landry fields, courtney lee

sf carmelo anthony, shawne williams

pf amare stoudemire, shelden williams

c ronny turiaf, kenneth faried

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I am sure a lot of players

I am sure a lot of players want to come to New York. I think you restructure Billups contract. The definitely need to find a big man and a shooter off the bench. Jeffries was not terrible. His offense was but his defense helped a lot. Also Jeffries can be had for cheap. Hopefully they can keep Shawne Williams. Knight may got to high for Knicks. I think he would be a good pick up if they could find a way to get him. He could learn under Billups and he is a great shooter. Douglas would have to go then unless they really like him at the 2 spot. Jerome Jordan is said to be coming over so he should get some bk up Center minutes.

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im pretty sure that the

im pretty sure that the knicks are gonna offer walsh an extension, not completely sure about that tho..


also, the dude above me is right... chauncey isnt worth his paycheck right now... unless they can buy him out i dont think its smart to keep him... they should either trade him for some picks or something else..

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How About This Plan...

Area of Needs:

1.) Bench Depth

2.) Starting Center (one that can play defense)

3.) A Backup PG

4.) A Bench Scoring Threat

...I think it's obvious that the Knicks will need money to work with this offseason in order to address these needs. With that being said, I think buying out Chauncey Billup's contract is a must. I would bring him back though, but at a cheaper price. I think a $21 million, 3-year contract would be amiable to both sides. I would front load though deal though in order to have money available for the 2012 offseason. Assuming this happens and we give Billups $12 million in his first year, we'd have about $12 million in cap space. Here is how I'd use it....

1.) Draft Day Trade: Ronny Turiaf, Toney Douglas and Landry Fields for OJ Mayo

The trade helps to address a number of the issues that we have on the roster. Mayo helps add bench depth as our combo guard and could be a legitimate 20ppg threat as a 6th man; similar to a Jamal Crawford of the Hawks. I think this is especially important because it takes the pressure off of Amar'e and Melo having to be the only accomplished scorers on the team. Perhaps the most exciting prospect of the deal is the possibility of Mayo becoming Billup's understudy and our future PG if we cannot sign Chris Paul in 2012. Even if we were able to add Chris Paul, OJ gives us the big-PG compliment to defend bigger PG's and/or play both our PG's together without giving up anything defensively. Whatever the case maybe, Toney Douglas is clearly incapable of running an offense and has the bball IQ of a turd.

2.) Draft Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira with the 17th pick

I know the guy has not gotten a lot of publicity but he has sold me on his potential as a center in this league. He reminds me a little of a lengthier Serge Ibaka, which would fit nicely into our gameplan in the future. We'd still have a need for a starting center, which brings me to my next point...

3.) Sign-and-trade Nene using our $12 million cap space

I know that the general consensus among Knick fans is to pursue Marc Gasol but I think that he is too slow, too post oriented and too integral to the Grizzlies success to be a serious option. Nene, on the other hand, does exactly what Gasol does but is more athletic and better capable of playing in an uptempo system. More importantly, Nene has a legitimate reason to leave Denver considering the likelihood that they will rebuild around younger players. Who wants to be around for that in the prime of their careers at 28 years old?

Nene adds length, defensive toughness, rebounding and shotblocking to our roster. He is also one of the best passing big men in the game and could be something of our Boris Diaw in the offense.

4.) Sign Aaron Affalo to a $2.5 million per year deal

This would probably have to happen before signing Nene. Bringing in Nene would effectively whipe out our cap space and consequently make signing Affalo impossible. If we were to first sign Affalo at this pricetag however, we could still theroretically bring in Nene at the $12 million price tag since our $9.5 million in cap space would be within 25% of the incoming player's contract.

Affalo isn't a flashy player but fills the role of the consummate role player that every contender needs. He's a very good defender, a capable shooter and is also very good at keeping the ball in motion. Overall, I think he is a much better fit than Landry Fields is given the team's win-now mandate and Affalo's experience in the league.

5.) Sign the following players at the veterans minimum

After making these moves, we'd have nothing to offer players but the veterans minimum. Fortunately, all we'd need from these players are warm bodies:

Shawne Williams- the guy has demonstrated that he is a solid knock-down shooter and a decent defender at the 4 spot. I like him and would like to give him another shot with this team.

Roger Mason Jr.- yet another guy that impressed me enough to give a second chance. He's a GREAT shooter and as much as he didn't get much time for us, he seemed to be a calming influence for the team.

Anthony Carter- the guy is better than Toney Douglas in my opinion because he can actually run the offense. He became a recent victim of D'Antoni's favoritism and got shafted for playing time. At 35 years old, Carter doesn't have much time left in this league but would be a great 3rd option and lockerroom leader.

Kwame Brown- you guys are going to trash him but what do you expect for $1.4 million? At the very least, Brown gives us a lengthy and athletic body that can play defense/rebound for us at the 5 spot. I also think he's underrated offensively but let's just say that I wouldn't sign him for his offense.

Jared Jefferies- another unpopular guy but is someone who gets the job done. Jefferies is fairly skilled and an excellent defender. We need as many serviceable big men as possible, which is why he gets the need to be my backup 4/5.

Derrick Brown- I think this guy could become the defensive ying to Shawn Williams' offensive yang. I want to give him a full season to prove himself and live up to this potential.

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1. Cut Billups, sorry he is

1. Cut Billups, sorry he is too old and is a defensive sieve going forward. Considering hte Knicks have no interior D, you can't have every PG in the world getting to the rim every time down. Pick up a temporary PG like Earl Watson on the cheap and let Deron and Paul know its there team for the taking in 2012.

2. Dangle Landry Fields, as OP said he can't offer much with Carmelo at SF. He is also not going to get much better.

3. Throw 8 million at Dalembert. Yeah he is not a sexy choice but gives the Knicks a defensive presence down low.

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TheLastWord, why cut Billups

TheLastWord, why cut Billups to bring in Earl Watson? Watson can't start for a Jazz team without Deron Williams. What makes you think he can start for us? Billups has his flaws but he's definitely a better option. I think the more prudent thing to do is to buy him out but bring him back at a more reasonable price.

I like Dalembert but $8 million per year? I much rather use that money and Turiaf's contract to bring in Nene.

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