Need Fantasy Owner

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Need Fantasy Owner

My fantasy league needs a replacement owner. If anyone would like to take up ownership duties, this kind in my league decided to peace out so I have been controlling his team (and no, I am not trading players to my team or doing anything like that). His team is actually pretty solid, it is a 10 team league and the standard 8 categories since I do not believe in TO's being a fantasy category (if it was average, that would be fine, but I do not believe in rewarding a category that could go to someone who just does not play there players). His team consists of:

PG: Chauncey Billups, Tony Parker, Toney Douglas, DJ Augustin (Johnny Flynn on IR, there are two IR spots)

SG/SF: Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Martin, Trevor Ariza, Wilson Chandler (Kind of weak, but you can always trade, and you have a lot of assets at the bigs)

PF/C: Dirk Nowitzki, Andrea Bargnani, David West, Marcus Camby, Andris Biedrins, Samuel Dalembert and Big Baby Davis.

There are also a lot of good FA's available. I drafted insanely well (with the last pick in the draft too) and would even possibly be willing to do a pity trade. But, honestly, it has been a solid team. They are 9-6-1 right now, which is good enough for 4th in my league. If you want to build it to be even better, it is definitely possible. It is a good competitive league and I try to make sure everyone keeps up with everything. Leave me your e-mail or hit me up at [email protected]. Thank you and hope to hear from someone looking for fantasy ownership!

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