NAW and Hayes

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NAW and Hayes

Deadly combination. If you havent seen the highlights go check them out. Watch the NAW highlights he had 8 assists most of them to Hayes. Insane dunks too.

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It's way early to be making

It's way early to be making this assessment, but I think ATL lost this trade up with New Orleans worse than they lost the Luka/Trae one last year. Hayes looks like he may be a per/m beast early on finishing P&R's in a 15 mpg role behind Favors/Zion. Once his body matures to handle the pounding of an 82 game season with big minutes, he's going to be a beast.

NAW's timing on his passes is uncanny. I knew he was a good playmaker, but he's really impressed me with how many easy looks he's creating for teammates so far in summer league.

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