My Western Conference all- stars

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If you look at the numbers....

It is a snub, but I think that BTPH was hoping to get some to look past JUST the numbers. Believe me, winning is a formula and you need the players to complete it.

"As I am typing this I am also watching the Wolves and Bobcats game and Kevin Love diving all over the place for loose balls and Beasley hitting big shot after big shot now if that don't define winning basketball what does."- Mr. 19134

Now, I am not trying to pick on you, and you made a passionate argument. But, you know what defines winning basketball? Winning basketball games! Yes, they are young. They do not have a great team. But while you mention the two things both Kevin Love and Michael Beasley do to help their teams compete, you leave out all the things they do not do that make their team fall short. Youth has won championships, usually with experience as well. But, until the Wolves or Clippers are competitive, it will be very tough for me to say that I would rather have a Blake Griffin or Kevin Love than a Tim Duncan. Circumstance plays a part of how people view you as a player. If the Heat had kept Dorrell Wright and Michael Beasley instead of signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh, are they a more competitive team? Wright and Beasley are putting up numbers now that they have a more defined role on another team, but they are on teams losing more basketball games than they win. Not all players are created equally, and Tim Duncan may not average 20 and 15, but he has never had too for his teams to win. Love and Griffin have many chances to make an All-Star game, but to truly deserve it than it would be nice to know that their monster numbers are going towards their teams winning basketball games consistently.

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It makes no sense when people

It makes no sense when people say [put this guy on this team and see them win or lose more. i always laugh at those guys.They try to use that with the Rose vs Westbrook. News flash, no one knows who would do what if they switched teams unless they have switched teams

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