My First Mock Draft

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My First Mock Draft

LA Clippers- Blake Griffin, Pretty much a no brainer. The only question on draft night for the Clippers is how do they begin to unload either Kaman or Randolph. Personally, I think it will be Kaman because of the lack of decent centers in the league and when healthy and motivated he can help a team. Camby and Randolph will get the starts while Griffin and Jordan are groomed for the future.

Sacramento Kings (via Memphis) Ricky Rubio, I believe he is the sure fire top prospect on the Kings board. A good compliment to Kevin Martin allowing Martin to play off of the ball more and running through screens maximizing his soft shooting touch. Also, should be able to penetrate the lane...getting good shots for their skilled bigs. The trade is ideal for both teams, Memphis can slide down and get a player in Thabeet or Hill that fills a need and trading up ensures wildcard OK wont have a chance to select Rubio.

Oklahoma City Thunder- Hasheem Thabeet, This pick essentially comes down to Thabeet or Harden. Harden is a great fit for the sheme ran in OKC, but the Thunder are in suck desperate need of a stopper. Unless OKC can swing a trade for a vet big like Kaman or Chandler the pick has to be Thabeet. If you miss in the draft always miss drafting a big especially in a draft so shallow in C's.

Memphis Grizzlies- Jordan Hill, Word has it the Griz covet Thabeet, but in this scenario OKC snatched him up already. If OKC wee to go Harden this would be a difficult choice for Memphis. IMO Gasol is a decent starting Center so drafting a PF to compliment him would be better anyways.

Washington Wizards- James Harden, Harden is a good fit for the Wiz, he can flat out score, taking pressure off of the Big Three. Can also distribute the ball well for a two guard allowing Gillbert to occasionally play off of the ball.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyreke Evans, Evans is my sleeper pick of the top ten. Alot of projections have the T-Wolves selecting a more conventional PG, but new GM David Kahn, said his goal of the draft was to get more athletic, more defense, but most of all more length. At 6'5 with a wing span of 6'11, Evans has the potential to be a defensive stud at either guard positon and while he may not be the most pure PG the combination of himself and Randy Foye combine for a decent platoon of playmaking skills.

Golden St Warriors- Jonny Flynn, Flynn is flying up draft boards with his workouts at the combine. Both himself and Stephen Curry are great fits for Nelly's system, but Flynn is a better floor general and athlete which compliments Monta Ellis ability to put the ball in the rim more so then Currys lights out shooting.

New York Knicks- Stephen Curry, Probably wouldn't profile as a PG on most teams, but fits in perfect in NY. Also will be able to slide to the 2 and benefit from Chris Duhon finding him running off of screens. The only question is there enough play time to go around for Duhon, Nate Robinson, Larry Hughes and Curry.... all of whom are combo guards or will someone be traded away.

Toronto Raptors- DeMar DeRozen, The Raptors have the opportunity to draft for need and potential with the same pick. DeRozen has the potential to remind the fans of what the lost when Vince left for Jersey. He is very aggressive attacking the rim should compliment Calderons soft touch from the outside and if everything pans out possibly give Bosh a reason to stay rather then bolt via 2010.

Milwaukee Bucks- Jrue Holliday, Holliday might be the hottest name rising up the draft charts. The Combine really boosted his stock reminding GM's why he was so highly touted coming out of highschool. Ramon Sessions is reportedly looking for a large contract from the Bucks or he his bolting for a contender next season. Another possible selection may be Earl Clark if Charlie Villanueva is not re-signed.

New Jersey Nets- DeJuan Blair, Rod Thorn is looking for a moose and Blair is their man. The Nets were more then pleased with the length and offensive development from last years pick Brook Lopez, now they want a garbage man to take care of the dirty work in the paint. At 6'6 Blair in short for the position, but his wide body and huge 7'2 wingspan allow him to play larger.

Charlotte Bobcats- Gerald Henderson, Henderson would provide the Bobcats a young player to develop behind Raja Bell. Decent at both spotting up and driving in the lane, Henderson also has the length (6'10) wingspan and athlecisim to be a force on defense.

Phoenix Sun- Brandon Jennings, The Suns always seem to get great value no matter where they select in the draft. Jennings may be the most talented of any of the PGs in this years draft, but this is a what have you done for me lately league. While names like Flynn Curry and Holliday fly up GM's draft boards, Jennings pulled out of the Euro Camp and was a no show for the combine. Private work outs might put him back in top 10 consideration.

Detriot Pistons- Earl Clark, The team is slowly being torn apart an re-built. One of the next pieces to go is Tayshaun Prince. Clark offers many of the same do it all qualities Prince has displayed for years in Detriot and at this point in the draft Clarks potential justifies this pick.

Chicago Bulls- Tyler Hansbrough, The Bulls are reportedly looking for toughness on their front line and hansbrough is all heart. He actually benefits from the combine measuring just as large as Blake Griffin... He will never be a superstar, but should be a good energy player off of the bench.

Philadelphia Sixers- James Johnson, Johnson has lottery talent but wasn't very sharp at the combine, non the less this pick has great value at ths point in the draft giving th sixers length and versitilty at the 3 and 4.

Minnesota Timberwolves- BJ Mullens, Wolves gamble with this pick, once again striving for length and athleticism. Mullens will undoubtedly take time to develop but the same was said for DeAndre Jordan in LA who put in a solid rookie year coming off of the bench.

Atlanta Hawks- Jeff Teague, Bibby may not be back next season ad he isnt getting any younger regardless. Should challenge Acie Law and Flip Murray for playing time right from the get go.

Utah Jazz- Chase Budinger, I am not a keen on Chase Budinger as some others, but this would fill several needs for the Jazz. He is a very good spot up shooter from outside and should have no problem adjusting to NBA 3's. Budinger is a great athlete who can run the floor and jump with the best of them, but really lacks ball handling skills hindering him from displaying his athleticism in the lane. Should benifit from Williams creating good shot opportunities either spotting up or in transition.

New Orleans Hornets- Wayne Ellington, the Hornets have suffered from a lack of consistancy at the 2 guard. Ellington is not an elite athlete but can flat out shoot the ball and is creative getting his shot off and getting shots for others.

Dallas Mavs- Eric Maynor, Savy college veteran who can learn the pro game from one of the all time greats if J-Kidd re-signs wth the mavs. Once again due to the PG depth of this years draft Maynor is a great value pick this far down in the draft.

Sacramento Kings- Omri Casspi- The Kngs took care of their biggest need drafting Rubio as their PG of the future. Casspi offers the Kings some of the versatility of a Hedo Turkaglu type of player who can doa little of everything from a point foward prospective.

Portland Blazers- Ty Lawson, I believe Lawson can be the Jameer Nelson of this draft. If he was 2 inches taller he would have been a lock for the lottery. Lawson is simply a winner who improved his game every year in college and will continue to do so inth NBA.

LA Clippers (via OKC) Patty Mills- OKC trades for Chris Kaman.. helping both teams by relieving the clippers log jam and giving OKC a true center. Clippers select Patty Mills to provide a young pg behind Baron Davis

Chicago Bulls- Austin Daye, Daye is Projected anywhere from a top ten pick to a 2nd rd. He is a great shooter and has great length, but tested out to be a horrible athlete at the combine and with a rail thin frame will have truble scoring in the NBA.

Memphis Grizzlies- Terrance Williams, Would provide the Griz with a swingman behind Mayo and Gay who can play tough defense and get to the rim.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Damion James, Sticking with David Kahns plan James adds another lengthy freak at 6'7 with a 7'0 wing span. James is a power three who pounds his way to the rim, is a strong rebounder and has the potential to be a lock down defender.

LA Lakers- Derrick Brown, a converted PF Brown could contribute in many of the same ways Lamar Odom does.

Cleveland Cavs-Tyler Smith, The Cavs need to find someone who can help take the scoring load off of LeBrons Shoulders... Tyler Smith is a smooth wing player who reminds me of a young Stephen Jackson

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i dont see hansbrough going

i dont see hansbrough going that early or clark falling out of the lottery.

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I don't see Brandon Jennings

I don't see Brandon Jennings falling that fall far in the draft, hes going to be top 10 for sure and for earl clark he wont drop that far

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You have OKC selecting

You have OKC selecting thabeet and also trading for Kaman? I think they'll take harden instead and then do the trade. I'd move Evans or Flynn out of the top ten and move Jennings in. He's just got too much talent to pass on. The Hansbrough idea is on track though. His energy and skill on the post make him a top 25 pick, now that he's got ideal size for a pf there's not a lot wrong with him besides from the lack of effort on rebounding we saw late in the season. Earl clark is going lottery. If a team wants a SF he's the option they'll go to first.

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Like the mock...its almost

Like the mock...its almost realistic

check my mock out-

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very good

very good mock draft. i have no complaints. Jennings is going to fall people on this website dont understand that. he is definitly a top 5 talent but teams are being scared away by character issues and where is he development wise because they havent seen him play in a year. Earl Clark is another one who can easily drop, theres not a lot of teams who needs sf and i think 15th pick is perfect for him.

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