My First Fantasy Team, Good or Bad?

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My First Fantasy Team, Good or Bad?

Tyreke Evans

Terrence Williams

Caron Butler

Al Jefferson

Dwight Howard

Derrick Rose

Joakim Noah

Zach Randolph

Luol Deng

John Salmons

Andre Miller

Serge Ibaka

Wesley Johnson

(Possible Trade: Dwight Howard and Andre Miller for Lebron James and Rodney Stuckey)

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Very good, especially if

Very good, especially if thats a 20 team league...And you should definitely get that trade done.

Your team is really a killer. good luck.

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looks very solid

looks like a very solid fantasy squad

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Depends on the league

Also the format. But, one thing I know is that your team has no chance at free throw shooting and 3 pointers on most given match-ups or in a Roto. Also not huge on assists. Percentages from the field should be pretty solid, as well as rebounding and blocked shots. But by that team, I am guessing there is no chance it is a 20 team league. You have a lot of solid scorers, but of course do that LeBron trade. I think you would be getting the two better players in the deal compared to the others.

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++ Rebounds ++ FG% +

++ Rebounds

++ FG%

+ Turnovers

+ Blocks

= Points

- Assists

- Steals

- - FT%.

- - - 3Pts Made

I hope this is a H2H league, because its really hard to compete in roto with Dwight Howard killing your free throw percentage. And you have no threes. like none. Wes Johnson will lead your team in that cat by far. Thats really tough to win with. If this is head to head tho, you've got basically 3 cats locked up every time you play, with points and assists in reach as well. Do the Lebron trade regardless because his multi cat goodness and impecible health make him top 3 in every format, every year.

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no raaaaaaaasssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll. cmon son

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I just drafted mine too. What

I just drafted mine too. What do you think of this depth chart? 10 team league

PG Raymond Felton/Andre Miller/Lou Williams

SG Dwyane Wade/Eric Gordon

SF Paul Pierce/Michael Beasley/Corey Maggette

PF David West/Paul Millsap/J.J. Hickson

C Pau Gasol/Marcus Camby

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