Most memorable basketball moment

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Most memorable basketball moment

What is one moment that you will remember forever in your life?

High scoring game? Big dunk? Game winner?


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Well this past year, against

Well this past year, against some guy it was 5 on 5 I was like the smallest one out there at like 5'5 110 I took one shot from deep behind the line with a man in my face it went all nets. After that I was on fire making 7-8 from 3pt line.

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oj mayo

i played him in aau. he cam edown and hit 5 straigh 3s and called glass on every one of them. i had to guard him but he didnt guard me. we lost the game but i dropped 33 on them so i didnt care much. it was cool playin againsta guys like him tho. made u realize how good guys are out there

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I made a game winning shot as

I made a game winning shot as a freshman, running down the court(i was a PG) and shot from 5 ft behind the 3pt line with1 second left and hit the backboard and bounced in(i didn't call glass). We won by 1. that was the best thing ever,

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When I first beat my dad in

When I first beat my dad in one on one, he would always bully me in the post and beat me bad. But the first time I beat him I felt like the man, and he had this look like damn he beat me. he never beat again after that.

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The most memorable moment was

The most memorable moment was a put back dunk I did on my freind in practice. He was in 10th grade and he clowned me a lot because i use to only be abled to touch rim. He was on the side of me when we both jumped up for a rebound(me jumping off two feet( on a missed three and I got way higher then him. My right hand went over the rim and I dunked it nasty and hanged on the rim. When i dropped down from the rim started beating my chesst with my left fist. Some students I did not know was in the gym and they went crazy.

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Watching ga tech vs duke in

Watching ga tech vs duke in person

during halftime jj redick(who was struggling with his shot and getting made fun of non stop) was warming up in the lay up line and missed the first one he tried..the ga tech crowd got on him even worse...he made one of the goofiest angry faces i have ever seen and went to sit on the bench

i dont know why but this is memorable to me

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I dont have too many

I dont have too many highlights in my basketball career. But one game ill never forget was a rec league i was playing in about 2 years after i graduated highschool. I was the best player on my team, but thats not saying much and we wern't very good. But we were in the playoffs and had play the best team. The man that put our team together picked up this ringer to come in and join us in the playoffs. He was a year older then me and one of the best players in the city and was the star for our highschool when we went there together. He was supposed to come in and kinda takeover and help us win the playoffs, or at least have a chance since we were pretty overmatched. It was expected that i would just take a backseat and give him the rock and watch him go to work.

THere were a lot of people at the game that i played with all over the city in various open gyms. SO this game kinda had the feeling like we were being watched by a lot of people and some good ballers in the city. And I went and never took so many shots in my life. I was jacking up shots left and right. I was hitting about half of them, not great but overall having a very good game. At one point the star guy yelled at me that he was open after i shot and he was pissed i wasnt just feeding him the rock. But whatever.

Anyways, i finished with like 25, my man i was gaurding lit me up at the other end cause he was too quick for me. We lost. But i felt good i did it my way in front of everyone and i was getting a lot of compliments after the game for bringing it. Just one of those things that you remember about the game.

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i was playing a pick up game

i was playing a pick up game in the summer time in 2008... my team was gettin murdered in the beggining, i mean like killed to the point where we almost had to play another game, cuz everybody figured the game was over.... eventually, we get a few scores but still r down. i come off a screen and hit a ridiculious 3 pointer in some guys face off of one foot, i never expected to make it... then.. we get even more stops and scores, in futher time, we were down by 2, but its the other teams game point, we get a stop, we need a 3 to tie the score cuz we played by 1's and 2's, i get a screen cuz all the players know i was the best 3 point shooter on the court... so i get the screen, fadaway 3 pointer in a guys face, SWISH!!!! now its tied, we get a stop, then score, then we get a steal, then win.... amazing comeback!!

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My first shot in my first

My first shot in my first game as a 7th grader...I didn't start cuz my coach was retarded, but whatever...we were down by 3 with not very much time left, I knock the ball loose and my teammate grabs the ball. He passes to me and I'm flying down. One of my teammates beat everyone but 1 guy down and he posted him up. He wasn't open and there was no one on me cuz everyone else was trying to get back, he passes to me, and I drain the 3 to put us up by 1. We lost the game cuz one of our players didn't play defense at ALL, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Either that, or this past year when I was a starting Point Guard for our Varsity team as a Sophomore when we were beating this team that killed us before (They're all black and we're all white, at least all the good players are white on our team lol). I kept frustrating my man cuz I was driving and shooting all over him. In the last few minutes, we were taking out the ball at half court, and a man comes and picks for me. I'm streaking to the basket when the guy that was guarding me earlier comes over and trucks me into the wall. I made the free throws lol

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Sorry Guys

I know this aint a memeory involving me playing ball but everytime I think of basketball and memories my mind sends me to this play:
The impossibility (lol for the word) of the shot and the play call by Chuck Swirsky just sent chills down my spine when I saw that. Being the huge raptors fan i am, I was almost sent to tears (yes tears but I aint gay) when they won that game because I was just so hyped up from the shot. Mo Pete is also one of my favourite raps of all time. Shame that he left, he's becoming a journeyman now.

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