Mike Miller

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Mike Miller

I know it's preseason and it doesn't mean much, but Miller is seeing a lot of playing time and playing fairly well. While I obviously knew he could play it surprised me a bit because he played roughly 90 games in the past two regular seasons with the Heat, averaging something like 17 mpg, but seeing more playing time in some of the most important playoffs games. That, coupled with his injuries, led me to believe he was in terrible physical conditions and he wasn't able to play much, thus Heat didn't play him much to save him for playoffs when they needed his shot and IQ more. But apparently Grizzlies are starting him and playing him a lot and while this things usually don't mean much in preasons when it comes to rookies or younger players, the same cannot be said about an injury prone veteran.

How much could this addition be valuable for the Grizzlies? I mean they were already a very good team, they went to the conference finals last year, they have a very good front line, Mike Conley is one of the most underrated players in the league, they are though play great D etc etc, but they lacked shooters and some ball handling and ability to create offense. Miller used to be a decent ball handler and passer, but after all the injuries he's not much of a threat to beat anybody off the dribble and doesn't bring much in terms of creativity, but at least he's a great shooter. It would be really interesting to find out how much Miller can play because I think he could be really important for the Grizzles as they had some moments last year when they struggled a lot on offensive possessions, especially when they had both T. Allen and Prince on the court and defenses challenged both of them and that was clear especially against San Antonio in the playoffs. I dont' think that some more outside shot might give them what they need to win the ring, they're still far from it, but with the Spurs getting older and OKC getting weaker the competition in the west seems a little bit softer this year so they might have a shot to make it to the finals IMHO.

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Memphis adding Mike Miller

Memphis adding Mike Miller was an excellent addition first and foremost because his shooting ability will provide more spacing for Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Most of the Grizzlies roster from last season wasn't much of a threat shooting from the perimeter except for Quincy Pondexter, Jared Bayless, and Wayne Ellington (before he was traded). Adding Miller provides a guy on the perimeter that defenders will have to stay with rather than doubling in the post on Gasol and Randolph.

Miller is also an incredibly hard worker who rebounds well. All in all the addition of Miller should be an excellent one for Memphis.

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I like it that Mike Miller

I like it that Mike Miller stepped it up last night. It's even more important since Tayshaun Prince has yet to play this preseason. Quincy Pondexter has basically been our starting small forward and maybe we use him the whole year there. Pondexter is active, has a decent 3 point shot, and sounds like he has improved his game.

MM and Prince are on the team more for the playoffs than the regular season, so look for some DNP's from these two. We are still a deep team without these two, but we need these two in good playoff form if we want to win the title.

Mike Miller really came through for the Heat in the last two Finals. Without him they might not have won. The guy can really shoot the ball, and he has great fundamentals. He can hit 3's AND do the little things. There aren't too many guys like that.

Obviously, I want to see MM help us win a title, but I would also like to see him retire as a Memphis Grizzly.

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I hope he stays healthy,

I hope he stays healthy, unfortunately I wouldn't bet on it.

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It was absolutely painful

It was absolutely painful watching Mike Miller last season with the Heat. Injuries have sapped whatever athleticism Mike Miller had as a younger player. You could just tell how much pain he was in running up and down the court last year. Mike Miller does one thing well, shoot the basketball. He will bring veteran leadership to the Griz. With Randolph and Gasol in the post, he should get plenty of good looks from three. Good pick up for the Grizzlies...

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Mike Miller is also an

Mike Miller is also an excellent rebounder for his position. he gets after it, always has!

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i'm actually a fan of him

he is a great rebounder for his position and a nice passer, people tend to forget that, and he can handle the ball too (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Dbw1g_lTI), the injuries was what made him the shadow of the player he was in the past but i actually think he was better health wise this season that last season the guy couldn't even run propertly

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