Markus Howard

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Markus Howard

As an AZ native, I gotta show my boy some love. Erupted for a nasty 53 the other day, making him the only player in the past 20+ years with multiple 50 point games. He’s currently 4th in scoring this year at 25.8ppg and making 4 trey’s a game on about 9 and half attempts. Roughly 45%. On his career, he’s shooting 45% on a high volume of attempts. What do you all think of his draft stock and potential? I know he’s on the shorter side but boy can he shoot. He’s also excellent at creating his shot. In a league that values shooting as much as it does these days, it’s hard for me to not see him going first round if he keeps it up this year and his senior year.

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people will question his

people will question his height,his ability to defend at the next level...but looks like isaiah thomas at times...

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Bryn Forbes

He'll have to carve out a Bryn Forbes type roll, but evn Forbes has a few inches on Howard. As for tge I.T. comp, they don't have in any way a similar game.

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Reminds me a little of Seth

Reminds me a little of Seth Curry — limited defensively, but can really shoot it and light up a scoreboard.

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He's a deadly shooter, but I

He's a deadly shooter, but I think what wil separate him in scout's eyes is his advanced shot creatin ability. His handles are smooth and effective, which makes finding spots for him to shoot a lot easier. His pull-up game is also on-point. If I were a GM, I would definitely think about drafting him late first round or early second round. I think he is a better player than Frank Mason and Jevon Carter, and those guys were drafted early second.

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Great college player but I’m

Great college player but I’m not sure how well his game will translate to the next level. He is playing in a role right now where he main job is to score the ball at a high level, so he doesn’t really showcase much playmaking ability. He will definitely need to get better at creating shots for others. Also, I’m not sure how well his shot-creating abilities will translate against nba level defenders given that he doesn’t seem to have great one on one breakdown ability or the ability to finish in traffic. Most of his shots come off screens. He’s going to have to be more than just a shooter /scorer to succeed in the nba at that size, especially given that’s he almost certain to be a major defensive liability.

I don’t want to sound overly skeptical, as I’m actually a huge fan of Howard’s game. It’s just so hard for players of that size and stature to carve out meaningful roles in the nba. I definitely don’t see him as a first rounder, possibly second with a strong combine showing but he’s definitely a guy that’s going to probably have to fight to prove himself.

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