Lakers Blow Out Dubs

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Lakers Blow Out Dubs

The Baby Lakers have finally arrived…beating GS without Lebron for a significant amount of the game. I am beginning to think the Lakers don’t need another piece besides Gelo…Thoughts???

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I Luv the W but Lebron getting injured scares the ish outta me

Lebron has been a virtual Iron Man since he entered the NBA but time catches up w/ Every player

I remember how quickly the wheels fell off for Kobe as one injury after another broke Kobe down

Hopefully Lebron & the Lakers will be extremely careful & not rush Lebron back b/c Hammy's can be tricky

I agree Great win but Lebron's injury created a shadow over the big W

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Not to be too nit-picky but a

Not to be too nit-picky but a groin strain is an injury to an adductor muscle, not the hamstring muscle group. Although it is similarly tricky to come back from due to the amount of lateral movement basketball players do when playing.

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I think the real question is

I think the real question is that, when he returns to health, will he be able to accept that this is now Zubac's team? Maybe they will keep him around to help recruit a big three to join Ivica and Josh.

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Zubac been awesome. McGee

Zubac been awesome. McGee might have to come off bench when he gets back healthy. Lakers just need to show consistency because the talent is there

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Ivica Zubac is a kid with a LOT of potential. Imagine if he'd get more playing time. This kid is absolutely spectacular to watch!

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That wasn’t the Golden State

That wasn’t the Golden State Warriors. My first time seeing them this year and... wow. Depth is a problem. Draymond Green? What happened to that dude? He made no difference, then he fouled out somehow. I only sensed “I have to win” from Durant. Curry if things got going. Thompson wasn’t aggressive at all. The depth is a big problem. Durant got his contract, but that cut the bench. I’m willing to bet Cousins comes back and the team is reinvigorated. But now, what are they? Bored?

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Zubac is an old school type

Zubac is an old school type big man. He's been playing well,averaging 17 pts/8 rbs/2 blks the last 3 games. Another interesting trade piece? Lakers can give Zubac a After Watching the Warriors the past few years. This season it seems they aren't playing team ball. It's all 1 on 1. Thomas Bryant a former Lakers that also didn't get much burn in LA, is becoming a solid nba player in DC.

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Called this earlier in the

Called this earlier in the year Lakers are the 2nd best team in the West and only team that can compete with GSW. Once they sign Gelo its a wrap.

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Zubac is the player Vlade

Zubac is the player Vlade Divac thought he was.

The Lakers look like a "matchup team". Got bullied by and lost to the Grizzlies in LA. BULLIED and beat the Warriors.


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