Kiwi Gardner declares

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Kiwi Gardner declares

Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the early entrant list. Any avid hoops fan from Northern Cali would know who he is. He happens to be from my hometown of Manteca, CA and I totally remember him being on the Oakland Soldiers AAU team along with Josiah Turner, Kyle Wiltjer, Jabari Brown and Nick Johnson. He is only 5'7 but if you youtube his name you'll be surprised with the talent he has for his height. Committed to play for Providence for the 2011-2012 season but couldn't make grades. Hell he even played on the same Pro-Am league team as Tyreke Evans and Donte Greene. I get that there is no point of posting this since he has a 0% chance of hearing his name on draft day but he's just one of those guys like Norvel Pelle who can't ever make grades to play college hoops so they'd might as well just declare so they could start their pro careers overseas, in Chile, in Iceland or wherever they go.

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That dude has a KILLER step

That dude has a KILLER step back jumper. Thanks for the clips.

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The draft is weak lol but it

The draft is weak lol but it aint that weak....Kiwi trippin

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