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Not to take anything away from Anthony Davis’ 41 points tonight, but the game ball has to go to Jrue Holiday for his 19 points 17 assists on 2 turnovers.

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Jrue Holiday has quietly had

Jrue Holiday has quietly had a very good season. Probably the best of his career including his one all star season. He’s been a huge reason why the Pelicans have been respectable this year. It’s a shame Cousins went down because this team is playing well and they seem to be getting a lot out of Moore, Rondo, Mirotic and of course Davis and Holiday. Will be interesting to see if they can keep this group together and build on it next year. They desperately need some wing depth (and not Solomon Hill, somebody actually respectable)

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What's crazy is that Jru is still Only 27 years old

He's been an incredibly consistent player in the NBA for a Long time.

Holiday is also the very 1st move of the Sam Hinkie "Process" era as he tried to clean up the mess from the Andrew Bynum debacle.

Phila now has Simmons & eventually Fultz will join him in the 76ers back court but it took them a Very long time to replace Holiday & get that PG position stablized

As San Antonio & OKC appear to be this New Orleans Pelicans team has Emerged as maybe the Best Western Conference team after Golden State & Houston

Such a shame Boogie got hurt - but next year the Pelicans will have a core of 28 y/o Boogie Cousins, 25 y/o Unibrow Davis, Jru Holiday & 27 y/o Nikola Mirotic (great trade)

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Jrue I agree is having his

Jrue I agree is having his best year in the NBA and is helping to justify the huge contract he was given last summer. With Rondo to create for him as well as creating his own shots, he has proved his worth and more importantly has really stepped up since DMC got injured.

The 76ers probably did as well trading him as he has had injuries over his first 4 years in the Big Easy and he'd have become disgruntled with rebuilding process in Philly possibly.

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