Jordan Hamilton

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Jordan Hamilton

After not getting much time last year as a rookie, he's starting to get some pt and playing pretty solid on a deep Denver team. I was big on him coming out and thought he should've been a lotto pick and thought Dallas was very dumb trading him after picking him, they got Rudy Fernadez (who never played for them) and some guy who is 24 still in Europe, they could've really use him. Intersting how he'll play out in Denver with so many other good wing players.

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Yeah I was very mad when the

Yeah I was very mad when the Mavs traded him....He was getting looks a the lotto before the draft and then he gets drafted in the 20s and gets to stay in his state,it looked perfect and then all of a sudden he was traded

BUT he is in Denver and will probably be brought a long like Corey brewer was

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