Jerebko = Overlooked 2nd rounder?

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Jerebko = Overlooked 2nd rounder?

I think Jonas Jerebko has the potential to be a pretty solid, over-looked, 2nd round pick.

He has a good body for being 22 and has descent quickness for his size. He averaged 10pts a game in a strong Italian league. He is not the best in any one category, but has a strong all around game... a feature many European players lack (usually are just great shooters).

It's tough gauging a European player, but higher risk = higher reward. I don't think he will drop lower than 37th because San Antonio loves drafting international players and they have been fairly successful.

Btw, his dad played for Syracuse University so it would be safe to assume this kid has strong fundamentals.


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I think he could be a very

I think he could be a very poor man's kirilenko

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I definitely think he is a

I definitely think he is a strong second rounder. I'd take a chance on him.

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I have him going to Miami in

I have him going to Miami in my 2nd round

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I've watched a lot of film

I've watched a lot of film on him. He looks pretty solid, I think he has a slight chance to go in the first round if a team is looking to save money and keep him overseas a couple years to continue to develop him. The only thing I don't like is he shoots very slow (slow release). He has a great shot but he might have problems getting it off in the nba unless he is wide open. He will definitely be drafted.

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