Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?

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Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?

I think the consensus nowadays is that Wiggins is the better prospect, and in my opinion that is very true, but I do think people are sleeping a lot on Parker. Ive seen multiple full games of his and all I can think of when I see him play is Paul Pierce meets Carmelo Anthony. Ive always hated Pierces game, I never understood how he could score on people in the shape he has always been in, but he has tremendous skill and footwork and deceptive athleticism so he can get his. I see a little bit of the same in Jabari, he is no where near the athlete of a lot of guys in his class, but he is easily the most polished scorer of the bunch, I think his skill level is extremely underrated. He scores with ease and fluidity on almost all match ups and opponents, using jabs and fakes to shake his defender and rise up with a silky smooth touch on those inbetween jumpers. That is an area that reminds me of Carmelo, his inbetween game. His mid range game is second to none in my opinion, and he can rise over either shoulder in the post from what ive seen in games this past year. While it is a product of playing against lesser competition, dont sleep on his offensive game, it translates to the big boy game.

Now Wiggins, who in my opinion will be the best player in this draft, and if he ever reaches his incredibly high ceiling, perhaps a top 5 player in the league. As with Parker, ive watched many a game of Wiggins, and what really stands out is(obvious much) his outrageous athleticism, and it isnt just he jumps high, he sprints faster then every point guard in highschool ball, and he jumps QUICK, he is extremely laterally gifted. His second jump is another aspect that really draws attention from scouts. He can go up for a layup, miss, come back down, and still get back up as fast and as high as his initial jump for the rebound and tip. Its that recovery jumping skill, matched with his outrageous length that will make him a terror on the O-boards in college, and if he puts on some more weight, it could easily translate to the NBA. While Wiggins is head and shoulders above everyone, let alone Jabari, in respect to his athleticism, he is a bit further behind in overall skills. His handle is shaky for a wing, and definitely needs improvement, though it also isnt a gaping hole. His outside shot is still streaky and inconsistent, and the development of his jumper is what will separate him from being good and great. His offensive game is a bit one dimensional now, and while playing against inferior opponents in high school, he can just use his athleticism alone to score, he will need to develop some more perimeter skills to score at a high clip at the college and NBA levels. His drive has also been brought into question, though I think it will be much like the Andre Drummond situation where he picks it up when he hits the big league and games are lining his pockets not the NCAA's. I see a lot of T-mac in his game, though I dont ever think he will have the play making that t-mac had, I think the scoring, defense and rebounding will be there.

I think stat lines at their primes, as the number one on a good team would look like this:
Jabari: 25 points, 6 boards, 4 Assists
Wiggins: 25(without jumper) 30(with jumper) 9 boards 3-5 assists(depending on minutes)

What are your opinions on the two, and who would you rather?
Looking foward to your opinions and feed back.

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If wiggins wasn't as athletic

If wiggins wasn't as athletic as he is then who is the better players?

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That's not a fair question, thats the same as asking who would be better if Parker wasn't as skilled?

It's not Wiggins fault for being super athletic and it's not Jabari's fault for being very skilled.

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