Isn't it surprising?

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Isn't it surprising?

As soon as the D12 deal was done, everyone was bashing Orlando for their poor choices. ' They could've gotten Bynum! They might've gotten Lawson! Why didn't they want Iggy? Why did they only get Harkless and Harrington? '
Ironically, they are the only team that's kept a player from the deal. Iggy left Denver to play with the Dubs, Dwight went to Houston, Bynum didn't play a single second for Philly, and Orlando actually has a brighter future than those teams ( at least for now, because Philly might get Wiggins or Parker ). Orlando got Vucevic, a player who didn't play as much as he should've in Philly, and he dominated the boards and almost beat Dwight for the rebounding title, Harkless shined in the 2nd half of the season, and the Magic got Tobias Harris and Ayon for JJ ( who asked for a trade years ago ) and a bench warmer in Ish Smith. Orlando hasn't been praised enough, in my opinion. They have multiple quality players who are young, and are playing in an old-ish division. If they can keep Harkless, Harris, and Vucevic and add a Wiggins, Parker, or Smart, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they win a championship by 2020. In fact, I might even expect it. Share my opinion?

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