Interesting Idea

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Interesting Idea

On a different forum today discussing if Markelle Fultz would be a bust or not someone brought up the 6ers could have traded for Kyrie potentially and it got me thinking.. how good would have a 76ers team with Kyrie been?

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They more missing Tatum who

They more missing Tatum who they pass on in the draft, would forever be the missing part for great dynasty they could have build, such a miss oportonity they would be sorry forever...

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Depends on what the offer was...

So my guess is it would have had something like this sort of framework:

2017 number 3 or 1 pick depending on when the offer was out there, Number 3 pre-celtics trade(My guess the most likely) or post celtics trade number 1.

This is my assumption of what it probably was Kyrie and Tristan for the number 1 or 3 pick,Okafor and an average deal back.

If it was the number 3 pick I can see why they weren't overly keen on that deal as you could have ended up with one of Jackson,Taytum/Futlz(depending on who you believe) or Fox. None of which at the time would have probably convinced Lebron to go : I will resign now well unless they were parlayed into another big name to replace Kyrie..

If it was the number 1 pick though I may have thought twice though as this gives you the option of any propect you wanted. This would have given you the greatest trading chip or chance at the best available player. Meaning the rebuild couldhave been speed up if lebron bailed orLebron could have said get me Ball or whoever and I will re-up.

As for the76ers and Kyrie this is kind of a hard one to pick, personally it would have been just like Cleveland: Simmons handling the ball(like lebron does)and Kyrie essentially playing combo guard/shooting guard. But the what if of how good would the be is debateable as both are currently injured(with Futlz suiting the 76ers timeline better though) and Kyrie is sort of injury prone so giving up the number 1 pick is a bit steep in my opinion but if you can keep him healthy for a long enough stretch to make a decent run on a regular basis it could be worth it..

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