I would sit out Bol Bol

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I would sit out Bol Bol

If I drafted Bol Bol I would sit him out until he is done growing. This guy could end up being a couple inches taller and who knows how much more natural mass he is bound to gain. He's already what? 7'2 240. Putting him in the league at C banging against some physical guys will no doubt put stress on his body.

If Im a lotto team picking him I would draft him and tell my fanbase straight up he's sitting out for a bit and working with our development team and medical staff privately until we deem him ready. Similar to what Philly did with Embiid.

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it is a perfectly good tanking/rebuild strategy. Sixers did it with Embiid (injury) and Saric (stayed in Europe), so the team continues to stack up high draft picks while the others recover.

Imagine if you took Michael Porter Jr, sat him out the whole year, Drafted Bol Bol, sat both of them out the whole year and then both of them came back healthy and close to their potential ON TOP of having a 3rd top 5 pick to pair with them. Your future is set.

Obviously this is huge gamble taking on players who have already shown to be potentially injury prone, but it's the type of strategy worth trying if you seriously are trying to build from a bottom dweller to a contender (not just make the playoffs like Butler's Bulls or Horford's Hawks).

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Wow. Didn't think about

Wow. Didn't think about that. Great idea though! He has massive upside and can shoot/score and block a few shots. He could be one of the best players out of this draft although he might need minutes restrictions for his entire career (I actually don't think many centers should play more than 25 to 28 minutes a night anyway), and may have to play as much at the 4 as at the 5.

An even more extreme case might be Tacko Fall. He is playing now but has had multiple injuries and is 7'6 although I doubt he is still growing -- maybe a team shouldn't sit him out the entire year (if he even gets drafted), but he looks like a guy who should be on a 2 way contract for at least a couple of years. Even then maybe you only play him 10-15 minutes a night in his "prime". He could be a difference-maker depending on the situation. In other cases (if teams go small), he is virtually unplayable. But, he looks like a guy I would draft in the late second round. If you are gonna define a center as a player who rebounds, blocks shots, and dunks, well, Tacko Fall is probably the best in the draft at all 3 things (although he can get run off the court and gets easily pushed around).

In this draft, unless you are either getting Zion, roll the dice on Bol Bol, or NEED a big man not named Rui or Brandon Clarke, I wouldn't draf any non-Tier 2 big man in the first round. Fringe bigs, especially centers, are in a tough spot right now. But at the end of the second round I think you want to chase emergency shot blockers and utility rebounders on the cheap.

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