Has D rose reached his Potential?

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Has D rose reached his Potential?

D rose at the level he has been playing will be a force for years and will continue to own the point guard postition. Having said that I feel as though he has reached his full potential. Other then field goal % theres no other category witch he could improve in. The numbers he put up this year I guarantee will be career numbers. Kind of the same way with Evans

What you think

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I dont think he has peaked yet

I do think that he works very hard and that he will eventually get hurt. I am not wishing it on him but he puts everything into every play and sooner or later one of those injuries will slow him down. But injury aside he is very young, he has room to improve in assists, defense, rebounding. It is a bit early to say he has reached his full potential already. Sames this goes fo Tyreke Evans these guys are very young Sky's the limit...

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He will continue to evolve

He will continue to evolve his jump-shooting game, his assists likely won't increase a whole heap though. Also, he'll improve defensively as time wears on with Thibs as coach. Definitely hasn't peaked.

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