eva longoria


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she is hotttt

she is hotttt

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I miss her popping up on my

I miss her popping up on my screen every 3 seconds

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She's sexxy,short and really

She's sexxy,short and really nice..I meet her 2 years ago in a Orlando restaurant on a day the Spurs played the Magic...

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Tax may no longer be an issue

Tax may no longer be an issue in 2014 should the Lakers look to reload with cap room, a move they haven’t made since the team signed Shaquille O’Neal in 1996.

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Miami isn’t perfect by any

Miami isn’t perfect by any stretch. They still have a defensive hole at center (Joel Anthony gets the most out of his ability, but at 6-8, he leaves a lot to be desired) and Spoelstra compensates by packing his defense in the paint and giving opponents room on the perimeter (22.1 percent of their opponents’ points came on 3-pointers, which was more than all but two NBA teams).

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