Eastern Conference 2015-16

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Eastern Conference 2015-16

There's going to be some shakeup in the Eastern Conference next season.

1. Cleveland. Should improve on their 53 win season with LBJ and Kyrie learning to play together. Whether Love comes back or not is irrelevant, Thompson will crush the boards and JR/Imam are the 3 & D combo that can dominate at times. If Love leaves, Cavs could add a guy like Bass/Jerebko.

2. Atlanta. Assuming they resign Millsap and Carroll, they add potentially Kaminsky or Booker type shooter to their team. A bit of a drop off from their incredible 60 win season, I still expect them to pass 50 wins under Bud.

3. Chicago. Rose looking better each game. Butler a genuine ALL-NBA stud, Gasol being Pau and Noah back healthy. Chicago lose their great coach but should still have a solid year with a great lineup. Maybe draft RHJ to provide a lock down defender at the 3, or Rozier as a backup PG.

4. Washington. Wall and Beal. Best backcourt in the East. Porter is coming on strong, and Gortat is a decent C. Could add an instant contributor like Harrell or Looney, high energy guys who crash the boards.

5. Milwaukee. This team is LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG. MCW, Giannis, Henson. Great defensive presence. Jabari returns and potentially adding a guy like Oubre or Grant to help with depth.

6. Pacers. The return of Paul George. Hill is a decent combo guard, and adding a Stanley Johnson type to play the 2 could help. The big key here is finding a backup big if Hibbert is looking rubbish and if West starts to show his age.

7. Miami. Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, Whiteside. What a 5. Can they stay healthy? Important to bring in a 2/3 combo to help take some of the minutes. I'm looking at a Devin Booker. Oubre/Dekker type.

8. Knicks. Melo returns, I'm sure they snag a few servicable role players in the trade season. Also should add Mudiay as a decent PG.

9. Celtics. Just miss the finals.

10. Raptors. They look to retool following their tough loss to the Wizards in the first round

11. Pistons. I have faith in SVG.

12. Hornets. Need to get a go-to guy that isn't Al Jefferson. Their draft picks in days gone by have let them down. Zeller and Vonleh need to show some growth. Look to add WCS or Hezonja for instant D from the C position, or instant O from the wings.

13. Magic. Shooting! They are a good young team but need to work on their shooting. I give them one more seaons of learning before they click and make the playoffs.

14. Nets. Descent into obscurity.

15. 76ers. Still young, lot's of rookies. Don't expect them to be here long. Embiid + Russell will take some time, but will climb the rankings in a few seasons.

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