Draft worthy?

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Draft worthy?

What do you guys think of these players? Think they are draft worthy or will get drafted? Whether its this draft or in a few years.

Alex Tyus, Vernon Macklin, Matt Howard, Mason Plumlee, Dexter Strickland, Shabazz Napier, Lance Goulbourne, Jacovan Brown

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Nickname tells

Nickname tells all................The Dexxxxxxxxxxx Factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well seeng as he has 2 years left i think mason plumlee will be very much draft worthy. Miles on the other hand since he graduates this year idk. Stirckland i think coul dbe a nice 2nd round pickup. Matt howard and alex tyus i dont see their name being called out on draft night. Macklin can also be a late 2nd round pick

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Mason Plumlee in my opinion is a late 1st round pick. He is a guy who probably won't become but may become a good role player or 6th man. While 7.2 points per game may not be a stand out, he averages 8.4 rebounds per game which is amazing! he might be drafted by the San Antonio Spurs if he enters this draft, as a backup for Tim Duncan.

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Mason Plumlee

Kid has no post moves. None at all.

He's a nice developmental prospect. Good size, very good athletcism, smart kid, really good passer, tough down low.

Kids like him shouldn't go to Duke. If he went to a program who could actually develop post players, he'd be a stud and a lottery pick by now. It's sad, really.

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Mason Plumlee is the odd ball

Mason Plumlee is the odd ball on that list. He most likely is a first rounder when he declares.

Macklin may be the most NBA ready, but he is old and doesnt do anything to stand out. He probably will go undrafted.

Stickland and Brown offer some hope because they are great athletes with a few years left in college. Strickland doesnt get enough credit with his defense and Brown is great when he's playing with confidence. I just worry that he lacks the mental makeup to compete in the NBA.

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