Draft Grades-Lottery picks

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Draft Grades-Lottery picks

1.Clippers- Blake Griffin A, Just need to move one of the veteran big men they have either Camby, Kamen, or Randolph and dont forget they still have the kid DeAndre Jordan
2.Grizzlies-Hasheem Thabeet A-/B+, With Gasol being a very soild defender they will be very tough inside on D but not as hot on the offensive side
3.Tunder-James Harden B+, This team could be very scary in a few years
4.Kings-Tyreke Evans A/A-, He isn't really a point gaurd hes just a shooting gaurd who can't play well without the ball in his hand so maybe Rubio wouldve been a better pick or should have traded down and gotten a real PG
5.Timberwolves-Ricky Rubio A+, Could be the best player in this draft if he is taken care of, personally I think if he could back up steve nash for a few years we could really see the next coming or pistol pete or steve nash
6.Timberwolves-Jonny Flynn B, No disrespect but Curry was still in the green room and Flynn is a nice player but i think he will never fill his potential in this situation the Knicks would have been a better spot for him
7.Warriors-Stephen Curry A, If he stays in golden state he can win ROY
8.Knicks-Jordan Hill B, Last big man they drafted number 8 out of arizona was channing frye, hope i didnt jinx this one ny good luck
9.Raptors-DeMar DeRazon B+/B, Maybe the next coming of Vince Carter if he can improve his shooting and must work on defense
10.Bucks-Brandon Jennings B+, Jennings might take a little while to develop but the bucks are clearly rebuilding
11.Nets- Terrance Williams B, Will play a role like Jefferson did when he was a Net good fit for a young team
12.Bobcats-Gerald Henderson B/B-, Raja bell can help Henderson become an even better defender but with felton possibly on the move and a young augustin at point are they rebuilding already
13.Pacers-Tyler Hansbrough B+, If the one and done wasnt as popular as texting be couldve gone #2 or 3, I personally dislike drafting players on one year of college ball and drafting them on pure potentail(DeMar DeRozan)
14.Suns-Earl Clark B, This pick might make sense if they keep amare and move amare to center and clark will have to bulk up and try to play PF and be a prototype of amare

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you're awfully nice

every single team got A's and B's

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You Know Whats funny Is That

You Know Whats funny Is That You Said demar Derozan Must work on His Defense......Thats One Plus Side Of Him!!

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you cant give everyteam a A

you cant give everyteam a A or B lol. why didnt you just say everyteam did very well imo.

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