Derrick Williams

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Derrick Williams

Why hasn't Derrick Williams declared yet?!? Im about 95% sure he will declare but him lingering the decision makes me question it. If Williams doesn't declare this year, this could be the weakest draft in a long time.

i'm jus so offended
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from "sources" he's talking

from "sources" he's talking about staying....i'm from st louis, this girl i know who goes to Zona used to date him, says he's a doucher and cheated on her all the time. hell of a basketball player tho!!!!

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If you were unheralded out of

If you were unheralded out of high school and you're considered a tweener - and also considered the #1 pick -- you'd be stupid not to go...but then again he competed as hard as anyone I saw in college bball last year and Zona is returning just about everyone...

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This potential "lockout" has

This potential "lockout" has all these prospects shook, they see what's happening with the NFL and the incoming rookies. He needs to come out right now, if this was football where learning the playbook is #1 essential then I would understand, but this is basketball.

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