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Is he good at basketball?

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Is Curry good at

Is Curry good at basketball??

I must have to educate you my man

Seth Adham Curry, son of former NBA player Dell Curry, is not only a member of the 2013 All-ACC First Team and a 2-time D-League All Star but he is also an U19 Gold Medalist!

Mans got game

Top 5 Duke Blue Devil of all-time!

Redick? Na
Laettner?? No way

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Come On BScript

Come on BallerScript, he's clearly talking about JamesOn Curry, former Oklahoma St. great who almost made half a million dollars in his career ($427K with the Bulls and $27K with the Clippers). In January 2010 he made his NBA debut, playing 3.9 seconds for the Los Angeles Clippers, his only game and he holds the record for the shortest NBA career of all time. Some could argue that this career was still more successful than former 1st overall pick Anthony Bennett.

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OR he could be talking about

OR he could be talking about Eddy Curry...

Can his fat, lazy, Dunkin Doughnuts by the box eating azz still play baskeball? It's a good question..dude is only like 35, been resting the knees the last 3-4 years. Maybe he can play in the Ice Cube Big 3 league, half court, lot of posting up, could be a good 4th man.

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