Colin Cowherd All Underrated Team

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Colin Cowherd All Underrated Team

PG - Mike Conley
SG - Steph Curry
SF - Chandler Parsons
PF - David West
C - Nikola Vucevic
6th Man - Jamal Crawford

I was listening to the Herd and this is Colin Cowherd's all underrated team. I think the list is pretty fair. I do not think Steph Curry is underrated at all though.

My all underrated team would be

PG - Greivis Vasquez/Kemba Walker
SG - Wes Matthews/Lance Stephenson
SF - Chandler Parsons/Nicolas Batum
PF - Greg Monroe/Paul Milsap
C - Al Horford/Nikola Vucevic
6th Man - Jarrett Jack/Nate Robinson

What is your all underrated team?

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I think people take Josh

I think people take Josh Smith for granted..Each year he's overlooked for the all star team and can guard multiple positions.....So that makes him underrated...

Conley is starting to show why he was drafted so high..He has become a decent defender,has improved his shooting and among the leaders in steals........

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Josh Smith should be

Josh Smith should be averaging 22 and 8 at least. I think hes under-performing for what he's capable of. He's really a special player and is underrated in that aspect, but his output isn't telling of that.

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I agree on Josh Smith with

I agree on Josh Smith with him people only want to look at the flaws in his game, but he is a really good all around and I don't hear that talked about much.

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haha i think josh smith is

haha i think josh smith is overrated. I guess its all in what you want in a player. Actually the players i get in arguments the most are josh smith and deng both of which i think are overrated and both have tons of fans saying how great they are. Josh is ok all around but he can't shoot and is a liability on offense because of this and his decision making. He can rebound and is great defensively but until he changes his mindset or works on his jumper he is still a third best player on his team, and not the player i would look for. If he gets in a better situation it might help his game though.

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Josh Smith

Josh Smith is worth the money he is expecting this off season if we are talking fantasy ball. Real life NBA wins and loses not really , he is an 8-10 mill a year guy not a 16-18 mill a year guy. He makes stat sheets look good so he gets looked at as better than he really is. Great talent but just a good basketball player.

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PG: Kemba Walker SG: DeMar

PG: Kemba Walker
SG: DeMar DeRozan
SF: Wilson Chandler
PF: Greg Monroe
C: Al Horford
6th: Jarrett Jack

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Conley and Noah are very

Conley and Noah are very good. But they are getting a lot of pub now so they probably aren't "underrated". Same with Marc Gasol and Steph Curry.

I am a big Chandler Parsons fan too, but he looks like a fourth or fifth guy to me. Not a franchise guy.

But, I think all these guys are "fairly rated" now.

Great team though. Actually, it is almost an ideal team if you can bring a swing man with some size off the bench in a sixth man role.

G Mike Conley
G Steph Curry
SF Chandler Parsons
C Marc Gasol
C Joakim Noah

6th man: Corey Brewer

It's hard to call these guys "underrated" when Gasol was named DPOY, Steph Curry is getting huge props right now and looks like a MVP candidate next year, and Conley is being noted as a top tier point guard. Then Noah is out there as a great all-around player and defender. Conley, Curry, Gasol, and Noah are four guys who probably could get 5th place votes in the MVP race.

Ironically, the Griz picked Conley when Noah was on the board. I actually was thinking about getting Noah on draft night.

Plus, we took Hasheem (infamously) when Steph Curry was on board. There is a great thread on the Grizz message board about this. Supposedly Tony Barone Jr. and one other guy was ADAMANT about taking Steph Curry. A few wanted Tyreke Evans, I think someone wanted Harden, but the owner wanted Hasheem Thabeet. ... I still think that Thabeet will be a serviceable big man (he is huge, long, and is good at taking up space) but maybe as just a backup.

We did turn Thabeet into Shane Battier as a rental which was very good but we had to give up a pick to do so.

Ironically, we still need a backup center and we could really really really use a shooter like Steph Curry.

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PG - Goran Dragic - averaged

PG - Goran Dragic - averaged 14-7/ Tony parker - could be best guard the last ten years.Percentage wise
SG- OJ mayo
SF - Martell Webster
PF- David West / Paul Milsap
C- Demarcus Cousins/ anderson varejao

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PG - Chandler Parsons SG -

PG - Chandler Parsons
SG - Chandler Parsons
SF - Chandler Parsons
PF - Chandler Parsons
C - Chandler Parsons
6th man - Chandler Parsons

... did I mention Chandler Parsons?

In all seriousness,
PG - Mike Conley Jr./ Kemba Walker
SG - OJ Mayo
SF - Chandler Parsons
PF - Greg Monroe
C - Al Horford
6th man - Jarret Jack

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Tough one

This one is tough. But this would be mine:

PG: Ty Lawson
SG: Thabo Sefolosha
SF: Tobias Harris/Chandler Parsons
PF: Greg Monroe
C: Nikola Vucevic/DeMarcus Cousins (basically because all the attention for him is diverted to his personality)

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Nobody Jimmy Butler? How did

Nobody Jimmy Butler? How did nobody say Jimmy freaking Butler?

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PG Norris Cole SG Jimmy

PG Norris Cole
SG Jimmy Butler / Iman Shumpert
SF Nikolas Batum
PF Greg Monroe
C Spencer Hawes

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I can certainly say as a

I can certainly say as a Sixers fan that Spencer Hawes is not underrated. Many big guys had some of the best games of their careers this year against the Sixers because they were so weak at center.

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My underrated multi-team

My underrated multi-team is...

PG: Jose Manuel Calderon / Mike Conley / Goran Dragic / Jeff Teague / Greivis Vasquez

SG: Lance Stephenson / DeMar DeRozan / Corey Brewer

SF: Chandler Parsons / Wilson Chandler / Jeff Green

PF: DeJuan Blair / Thaddeus Young / Amir Johnson / JJ Hickson / Jason Thompson

C: Andrew Bogut / Enes Kanter / Nikola Vucevic

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PG - George Hill - [small

PG - George Hill - [small market, and not a flashy player]
Isaiah Thomas - [on a terrible team, which makes him look bad. he is truly excellent in the pick and roll]

SG - Jimmy Butler - [duh]
Danny Green - [3pt gunner, but also very solid defensively, no turnovers]

SF - Kawhi Leonard - [his versatility and ability to create shots is extremely valuable. Similar to Paul George]
Thaddeus Young - [plays within his game and shoots a high percentage. very good on D]

PF - Amir Johnson - [super efficient. hits jumpers, FTs, finished P&Rs. extra effort on D, smart defender]
Matt Barnes - [does a little bit of everything, and it's all highly efficient]

C - Tiago Splitter - [incredible finisher, especially off P&R plays. Relatively versatile for a big man]
Larry Sanders - [he is getting more credit. But his impact on D is still underrated. Teams avoid inside shots entirely]

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Is Ryan Anderson still

Is Ryan Anderson still underrated? Or did his MIP last year change that? I feel like he didn't get much credit for a good year this season (mostly cause the Hornets sucked).

I've always liked Ty Lawson and what he brings to the table. I'm also starting to think that Danny Green is real underrated. Not too much of a surprise but lots of Spurs on these lists.

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PG - Ty Lawson SG - Jimmy

PG - Ty Lawson
SG - Jimmy Butler
SF - Kawhi Leonard
PF - David West
C - Nikola Vucevic

6th man - Jarrett Jack

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