Chicago Bulls

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Chicago Bulls

Any way the Bulls can get some FA's. I'd like to see them go after some players like

Batum ,Jeff Green, Terrance Jones, Seth Curry, Mahinmi.

Pg-Rondo, Calderon,Grant, Dinwiddle

Sg-Butler, Valentine, Dunleavey (Curry)

Sf- McDermott,Snell (Batum)

Pf-Gibson, Portis, Mirotic (Green,Jones)

C-Lopez.Felicio (Mahinmi)

Id much rather see a Roster with Rondo Butler Batum Gibson Lopez- Calderon Grant Valentine Mcdermont Portis Mirotic Felicio Mahinmi Curry and either Green or Jones. I could see the Bulls trading Snell, Dunleavey or Gibson. If they trade Gibson Id like them to get Green the most to fill his spot and play small ball. Mahinmi would help with defense, reabound and energy.Curry helps with shooting. Batum/Green give the Bulls and solid 2nd option next to Jimmy. Thoughts?

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