Chandler Parsons

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Chandler Parsons

Ok so obviously Parsons is never going to live up to the 4 yr 94 mil deal he signed 2 summers ago. But about the best thing Memphis can hope for at this point is to salvage something out of Parsons, since he is likely untradable.

Parsons was a disaster on the court his first season in Memphis, but he actually didn’t play bad last year. Of course, he only played 36 games and limited mins due to “knee soreness” but you kind of get the feeling it was also due to Memphis tanking and not wanting him to risk further injury in a lost season.

All indications are that Memphis has its sites set on getting back to the playoffs this year, and reports are that Parsons is 100% healthy. The biggest overall weakness of this team is probably their lack of depth at the wing position, but a healthy Parsons could go a long way toward making them competitive. While he probably will never be the player he was in Dallas or Houston again, if he can play 25 mins a game and give them efficient scoring and playmaking, I think that would be considered a success. Of course, this all depends on his knees holding up.

So what are your thoughts on Parsons? Do you think he’s just a lost cause at this point or do you think he still could have some decent basketball left in him?

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I think he's a lost cause...I

I think he's a lost cause...I also think Memphis needs to replace the GM. Gave Parson and Conley two of the worst contracts ever. I like Conley but at the time they made him the highest paid NBA player ever and dude never made it to the all-star game, first team all-NBA or taking them to the finals. This team is not competitive in the new NBA era, they need to blow up this team before it's too late.

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I don't expect much out of

I don't expect much out of Parsons. He'll never be "100% healthy" again. Think Brandon Roy in regards to Parson's right knee. He had microfracture (articular cartilage issue) on the right knee in 2015 and then tore his meniscus in the same knee in 2016.

Then he tore the meniscus in his left knee in 2017. Who knows how bad that tear was.

He may play well for stretches, but he won't be able to maintain it. Get used to seeing him out with knee soreness. His right knee is dehabilitating.

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Both Chandler & Mike Conley

Both Chandler & Mike Conley released videos of their workouts. And coach Bickerstaff said both guys r 100 % healthy and he expects them to be ready for training camp. But Conley has yet to be cleared for 5 on 5 contact. Chandler played well in limited time last season. He shot a career high 42% from 3. And he played better coming off the bench, coming off the bench he shot 44% from 3 ,but only 29% when he starts. If Memphis can get 20 minutes a night off the bench and 60 games from him this season, it'll be huge for their playoff chances.

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Honestly I'm still surprised

Honestly I'm still surprised Memphis gave Chandler Parsons such a big deal after he missed significant time in Dallas due to injuries. They're stuck with him unless he wants to leave and give some money back on a buyout. Hopefully he can regain some of his form from when he was in Houston and so many teams were high on him.

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