Bobcats draftt pick

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Bobcats draftt pick

If your the Bobcats and Shabazz seems to be the best overall talent of the 2013 draft do you pick him and have Shabazz and MKG as your wings and basically forget about Wiggins and Jabari Parker who seems to be the second coming of LeBron and Durant.

Or do you pick someone else other worthy of a first pick but not exactly better the Shabazz and tank another season in hopes of getting Wiggins or Parker?

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i say they pick the best available talent . people tend to get caught up on position when i think they should be more consern on overall talent. At the end of the day great players will figure out how to coanside with other great players regardless of position.

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I think going with the best

I think going with the best player available is the way to go. And you certainly cannot plan your draft strategy around potential top picks. A lot can change. Prospects can rise and fall, and with the draft lottery nothing is ever certain. If it was, the Bobcats would have drafted Anthony Davis this year.

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I disagree, people tend to

I disagree, people tend to get caught up in talent and it hurts them, look at the Kings, they put together a roster with a BPA mentality, and none of the pieces of their young core fit. Detroit on the other hand drafted for need combined with talent, and have a very well rounded young group. Obviously the Thunder are the best example of this though as far as drafting for need instead of talent (remembering Westbrook wasn't an obvious choice at 4 or considered BPA but filled a team need).

I'd take Bazz because they have a need at SG right now and he fills it, but I think they already messed up by taking MKG at 2 because he doesn't suit their team.

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Go with the best player NOW

Go with the best player NOW because the ping pong balls may screw them over LATER (just like this year).

Now I'm thinking about New Orleans having a Davis-Shabazz-Parker combo. *Drool*

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imagine a nerlens - davis

imagine a nerlens - davis combo

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The chances of getting the number one pick in back-to-back years is rediculous so of course you take Shabazz or whoever BPA is.

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If you suck like the bobcats

If you suck like the bobcats you don't draft on need, you draft on talent

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Take shabazz pairing him with

Take shabazz pairing him with kidd makes a big energizer battery energetic wing. Everybody wants to go the okc way but thats hit or miss .What about the Philadelphia and Denver method stock lotto and first rounders and field a deep team.MKG is a defensive player right now so what stopping you from takeing a scorer doing a harden/sefolosha ,mayo/Allen , offense defense rotation for that postion.

sf mkg/ parker

sg bazz/

sf mkg/wiggins

sg bazz/wiggins

That looks win win to me. But for some reason most teams hate stock piling talent at one postion even tho thy can secur a team and with the new cba I can see 5 all star cal players or close to with a 10 mil or lower on a deep team and the rest of the roster role players.But as I said the sixers and the nuggets(who are on their way to minus one because iggys huge contract )are that few teams that will contruct a team this way or close to it. I hope they bobcats do because if those player live up to their hype thats a tough team in the makeing.

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Zeller would be a great fit

Zeller would be a great fit as well, because he fills the need of a scorer, as well as someone who compliments Bismack perfectly in the front court. Which would leave space for either Parker or Wiggins.

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BPA caused their logjam in the frontcourt(as well as trade). Not to mention slowing down development.

I prefer the fill a need approach. Even though that prob means everything but small forward. I like Bismack just not convinced yet.

The Muhammed pick is heavily reliant on him develping/showing a reliable jumper if hes ever to be considered a 2.

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If the Bobcats get the #1

If the Bobcats get the #1 pick this year I doubt they will be bad enough to get the #1 pick the next year to get Wiggins or Parker. Shabazz would likely put them in the range of a 3-8 pick. If they take Noel, they could still be bad enough to get a top 3 and maybe 1st overall pick, because he is a project. I would rather have Shabazz to put at the 2 to pair with MKG at the 3.

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I doubt shabazz will put them

I doubt shabazz will put them in the playoffs his rookie year he stills has work to do useing his right hand at a high level and PASSING.Another player who I can see them going after is Alex pothrese(yes i dont know how to spell his name yet ) I see him as pf more then sf.If he has a good season i can see them takeing him or mcadoo off the bench to give them bench scoring for the frontline.

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I think Tony Mitchell would

I think Tony Mitchell would be a great fit. Bismack and Mullins are both specialists of sorts. Bismack is all rebounding and shot blocking while Mullins steps out and shoots jumpers while often lagging on his duties around the rim.

If Charlotte drops out of the top 3 or 5, I think Tony Mitchell would give them a legit starting PF who has athletic ability, length, some offensive skill and a good rebounder. Then neither Mullins nor Bismack would have to play PF and they could both split duties at C, which I think would be their best use.

I really don't think the Bobcats will be the worst team in the league, this season, maybe not by much, but they're better. I'm not sure who I think should be the #1 pick right now, but I do think Mitchell makes a lot of sense in Charlotte.

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