better prospects

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better prospects

who is the better prospect Marcus Smart or Dion Waiters?.....
how about Mclemore or Beal?
and do you guys think Smart could play SG full time in the NBA i really have faith that he can he's strong enough to

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if you are drafting marcus

if you are drafting marcus smart as your sg, then dion waiters is the better fit. as a prospect in general, it would have to be close. waiters as a prospect went fourth in a better draft last year and has impressive strength to go with his quickness and other skills. but i would still give the edge to marcus smart. here is why: yes marcus smart can play full time sg and could do it on a level close to waiters. marcus smart could play the pg position more noticeably better than waiters would play at the pg position because smart is the better decision maker. i would rather have smart than waiters but they are close as prospects.

mclemore and beal are about even prospects. beal was better when they played together, mclemore is shining better right now than beal did last year, and beal did well last year. but mclemore is shooting better and having more breakout games. this may or may not be because of the more help he has in kansas. kansas is a top tier team in a weaker college season. that could also help mclemore's case. i think mclemore and beal are at the same level as prospects.

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Marcus Smart and Ben Mclemore

Marcus Smart and Ben Mclemore imo.

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Waiters is much more a SG

Waiters is much more a SG than Smart but Smart can contribute in different aspects so it's hard to say now.

McLemore looks better than Beal was last year. Beal is having a nice season though. I would take McLemore cause I think he has a more all-around game and athleticism over Beal.

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Smart > Waiters: As an

Smart > Waiters: As an offensive player, Waiters was the better scorer coming out of Syracuse due to his shooting. One of Smart's weakness right now is his shooting, but I believe he will correct that flaw and improve his efficiency. He's already a better defender and brings better intangibles than Waiters. As a long term prospect, I choose Smart over Waiters.

McLemore > Beal: This was a tough choice because Beal brings a lot winning intangibles and he himself is quite young at 19. But McLemore seems to posses that elite athleticism that premier guards posses, and his outside shooting is already there. Usually athletes like him isn't as refined a shooter and are mainly slashing guards, but McLemore is the opposite and is actually a better shooter than he is as a slasher. Once he improves his ball handling, he will be a tough guy to guard against. McLemore has the talent to be a top 3 SG in the NBA, which is why I choose him over a reliable/safe-pick Beal.

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