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I was watching the draft and i just knew he was going to go right after Griffin but he didn't!!! He went 12! This game is about talent not there teams record. I mean his assist number's were pretty good in the game last year.

“It’s a joke to me. If they think there are 11 guys better than me, then that’s their decision. But I know what I think in my mind and all I can do is go out there and play basketball the way I know how to play.”

“If they think I’m the 12th-best player out of all of those players, then that’s their decision. That’s my mindset. I know what I worked on this summer and I know what I can do on the basketball court.”

1. Blake Griffin – Shaq. 2. Kyrie Irving – Charles.
3. Jeremy Lin – Shaq. 4. DeMarcus Cousins – Charles.
5. Ricky Rubio – Shaq. 6. Paul George – Charles.
7. Greg Monroe- Shaq. 8. Derek Williams – Charles.
9. Markieff Morris – Shaq. 10. MarShon Brooks – Charles.
11. Kemba Walker – Shaq. 12. John Wall – Charles.
13. Landry Fields – Shaq. 14. Gordon Heyward – Charles.
15. Norris Cole – Shaq. 16. Tiago Splitter – Charles.

The 4 Undrafted: Brandon Knight, Kawhi Leonard, Tristan Thompson, Evan Turner (These 4 were randomly assigned to each team.)

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