Automated CBA-Based Lifelong Lg - Seeks Owners

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Automated CBA-Based Lifelong Lg - Seeks Owners

Looking for 1 or 2 owners.

We entering our 9th season. We have a traveling trophy, I'm told, haven't seen it myself.

Lg: 20 teams, CBA-based (salary caps, trades, draft picks, etc all very much NBA-like)
Scoring: ONE category, FBPTS (~PER), weeekly matchups; 10 tm playoffs

Features/Notables: Free Agency (open ebay style) taking place right now & throughout whole summer, Rookie Draft coming up July 1st, I'm programming this to be automated to achieve my goal of a lifelong league.

History: No one has yet to win back-to-back titles. I believe only one team has won it twice?

Join now ahead of the rookie draft (July1st) to select the rookie(s) yourself! Also tons of spots to fill all summer in

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