Allen Iverson Wannabe

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Allen Iverson Wannabe

I've watched several Tennesse games, and thier point guard Bobby Maze, is the biggest Allen Iverson clone I seen in my life. This kid got the cornrows AI use to rock, he wears #3, he has a lot tattoos all over his arms, he shoots similar to how AI shoots, he drives to the hoop the same way AI does, and he does that finger roll runner AI does. I thought Kobe Bryant was a big Michael Jordan wannabe, with the way he shoots, the way he talks real intelligent, the fist pump after a shot, the way he does his fadeways, the way he walks, and some dunks he does, but damn this kid is even trying to look like Iverson and wear his jersey #, that's just crazy. I'm surprise he didn't choose to go to Georgetown instead of Tennesse. lol

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He probably would have if he could have

He probably would have if he could have, Georgetown just has too many guards for him and don't know if they take JC guys. But I've seen him before and he's a decent player to say the least. but they play the Tigers in about two weeks and I'll get a better chance to see him play. I know one thing they have in common is that they both have never seen a shot they didn't like.

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Maze probably didn't have

Maze probably didn't have the grades to get into Georgetown, being JC transfer. Sports Ilustrated was really high on Maze in the pre-season, but UTK hasn't lived up to the hype. Losing a few players due to off the court issues didn't help.

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arm sleeve

does he wear the same arm sleeve as him?

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