All-Star Events

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All-Star Events

All Star Game


PG: Chris Paul
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Blake Griffin
C: Dwight Howard

6: Russell Westbrook
7: James Harden
8: Tim Duncan
9: Tony Parker
10: Marc Gasol
11: David Lee
12: DeMarcus Cousins


PG: Rajon Rondo
SG: Dwyane Wade
SF: Lebron James
PF: Carmelo Antonhy
C: Kevin Garnett

6: Kyrie Irving
7: Jrue Holiday
8: Joakim Noah
9: Tyson Chandler
10: Paul George
11: Paul Pierce
12: Chris Bosh or Deron Williams


Tony Parker
Rajon Rondo
Kyrie Irving
Russell Westbrook
John Wall or Kemba Walker
Damian Lillard


Kevin Durant
James Harden
Kyrie Irving
Ryan Anderson
Stephen Curry
Damian Lillard or O.J Mayo


Paul George
Gerald Green
Russell Westrbook
Andre Drummond or MKG


PG: Damian Lillard
SG: Bradley Beal
PF: Anthony Davis
C: Andre Drummond

6: Harrison Barnes
7: Dion Waiters
8: Alexey Shved
9: Tyler Zeller


PG: Kryie Irving
PG: Kemba Walker
SF: Chandler Parsons
PF: Kenneth Faried
C: Nikola Vucevic

6: Klay Thompson
7: Brandon Knight
8: Kahwi Leonard
9: Tristan Thompson

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I would

I would like to see steve novak at the 3 point contest and terrence ross at the dunk contest.

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3 point contest would have

3 point contest would have included Kevin Love if he was healthy. Wes Mathews is as great shooter too I wouldn't mind seeing. And also, it would kind of cool to see Paul George in it too AND do the slam dunk contest (one of the few players to do that during the weekend).

Dunk contest HAS to include T. Ross bro. This guy has had probably half of the top 10 dunks this year so far lol... This is selfish but I hope last years winner (J. Evans) doesn't get invited. You're athletic, but sorry bro your boring. At least Fred Jones was a no name that did some unbelievable dunks haha. Ross, Green, Westbrook (IF he's still interested)/JOHN WALL (I hope) and Kenneth Faried would be exciting.

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Terrence Ross need to be in the dunk contest

on anothe note this Rookie - Sophmore game is giong be real exciting and competitive this year well if they play a lil bit of D

Im looking forward to see Faried and Barnes Slam it down

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James White please god dunk

James White please god dunk contest

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Don't they do a draft in the

Don't they do a draft in the Rookie/Sophomore game now?

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Yes. They don't do rookies

Yes. They don't do rookies vs. sophomores anymore. They pick teams out of a pool of the rookies and sophomores.

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DeMarcus Cousins is not going

DeMarcus Cousins is not going to the all star game

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I think we need to mix things

I think we need to mix things up this year in the dunk contest. Matt Bonner, Steve Novak, Mike Dunlevy and maybe Desangana Diop.

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i'm sure this has been

i'm sure this has been discussed on these boards before, but how come they've never tried a 1on1tournament? imagine the smack that would be talked in that one. 8 players, first round to 7 (1s and2s), semi finals to 9, final to 11. would b awesome!!!

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