2K14 Excitement (Next-Gen)

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2K14 Excitement (Next-Gen)

What's going on forum? NBA 2K14 was released at 12:00 a.m. Eastern time on October 1st, 2013 in North America. I am a really big fan of the 2K professional basketball franchise, and once again, I have been incredibly excited for NBA 2K14.

I pre-ordered the game in June, four months before the game's release for the current generation of consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Well, unfortunately enough, I had stopped purchasing current-gen titles last February whenever the PlayStation 4 was announced, and so I did not pick up NBA 2K14 for the Xbox 360 (console thst I own) on October 1st. Instead, my pre-ordered copy of NBA 2K14 is for the PlayStation 4 console, which will be released on November 15th, 2013. I have to wait about an extra 6 weeks just to get my hands on the newest installment of the NBA 2K franchise/

I am sincerely excted for the next-gen product, and I am really hoping that they implement a few more additions to that version of 2K14, therefore I wouldn't have to wait an extra 6 weeks just for a faster processor and some btter graphics.

I have liked what I have seen from the current-gen game so far, and I would like to know if any of you are getting it for a next-gen console, and whether or not you think that they will implement some new twists and ideas for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles respectively.

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I have also decided to wait

I have also decided to wait until ps4 to my copy but i believe the only difference this year will be the graphics and it will probably feel a little different. The reason why i think it will feel different is because all the sports games that came out for the 360 the first year all felt different

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Anyone heard anything

Anyone heard anything interesting/new with NBA 2k14? I only have a gaming pc at the moment, and I won't even bother getting it on PC, it's not even close to the Console game.

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If you're playing for the

If you're playing for the PS3, there's no reason not to buy it now if you've got the money. Each box comes with a free upgrade to next gen.

That said, I'll probably get Live instead and focus on that. 2k didn't change enough imo.

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Sounds like it's going to be a great game. The only reason my excitement is tempered is because the crew mode is blacktop only...*sigh*

But Next-Gen yeahuh, gonna get this on PS4.

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Different feel

I've gotten it for PS3 and nothing has really changed for the most part. The changes in the iso motion stick takes some time getting use to, but allows for more creativity in crossovers and transiting into shots. It also seems a lot easier to get pick pocketed or lose control off the ball.

You have to pay more attention on defense as its not as easy to guard players. It kinda has a more real life feel than years past, great shooters don't hit every open shot, and not easy to get to the rim and dunk. Overall its the same game with a more realistic sense of game play.

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