2018-2019 Season Predictions Update

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2018-2019 Season Predictions Update

Okay, so now that the regular season is over, we can see where everyone is at. Here's the link for the predictions this year: https://www.nbadraft.net/forum/season-picks-game-2018-2019-edition

In the East:
1. stifler101: 37 points (nailed Toronto, Philadelphia, Indiana, Detroit, Charlotte, and New York)
2. mamadou: 35 points
3. nbadraft consensus: 33 points
4. dmo21, Zouldiers, BallerScript, tblazer_NZ: 31 points
8. OhCanada: 29 points
9. festar35, chewy: 27 points
11. llperez: 26 points
12. morestealsthanscores, thenilonator, cheetosjalapeno17, Dc Fraz: 25 points
16. Andrew1984, r377: 21 points (both of you only got Detroit right)

Some fun facts: Nobody had Brooklyn or Orlando making the playoffs. Everybody had Washington making the playoffs (seems like this happens every year). Most accurate choice: Philadelphia at 3.

In the West:
1. stifler101: 35 points (yeah, first again...)
2. DC Fraz: 33 points
3. tblazer_NZ: 31 points
4. Zouldiers, mamadou: 29 points
6. cheetosjalapeno17: 28 points
7. festar35, llperez, nbadraft consensus: 27 points
10. chewy: 25 points
11. dmo21, BallerScript, morestealsthanscores, r377: 23 points
15. thenilonator: 21 points
16. Andrew1984, OhCanada: 19 points

Fun facts from the West: Everyone except 2 people (thenilonator and DC Fraz) had GS getting 1st. Everybody had the Lakers making the playoffs except for DC Fraz. Majority of people had Portland missing the playoffs. Majority of people had New Orleans making the playoffs. Everyone had the Clippers missing the playoffs.

Overall Standings on Standings:
1. stifler101: 72 points (surprise, surprise)
2. mamadou: 64 points
3. tblazer_NZ: 62 points
4. Zouldiers, nbadraft concensus: 60 points
6. DC Fraz: 58 points
7. dmo21, festar35, BallerScript: 54 points
10. llperez, cheetosjalapeno17: 53 points
12. chewy,: 52 points
13. OhCanada, morestealsthanscores: 48 points
15. thenilonator: 46 points
16. r377: 44 points
17. Andrew1984: 40 points (Andrew, I think you go too bold every year in the standings, always near the bottom)

And now for the statistical portion (PPG, RPG, APG, BPG, SPG). Rankings are:
1. dmo21, chewy: 16 points (the highest amount to date in my records)
3. mamadou: 15 points
4. Andrew1984, BallerScript, morestealsthanscores: 14 points
7. llperez, tblazer_NZ: 13 points
9. stifler101: 11 points (oh, how the mighty have fallen)
10. OhCanada, Zouldiers: 9 points
12. festar25, thenilonator, cheetosjalapeno17, DC Fraz, r377: 8 points (atleast y'all have company in last)

Now we have to make the long wait until the awards are announced (hate how they pushed it back so far now). But here are the rankings as of now:

1. stifler101: 83 points (not gonna call it a run away, but I think it's in the bag)
2. mamadou: 79 points
3. tblazer_NZ: 75 points
4. nbadraft consensus: 74 points (proving we are smarter as a group)
5. dmo21: 70 points (woot, woot!)
6. Zouldiers: 69 points
7. chewy, BallerScript: 68 points
8. llperez, DC Fraz: 66 points
11. festar35, morestealsthanscores: 62 points
13. cheetosjalapeno17: 61 points
14. OhCanada: 57 points
15. thenilonator, Andrew1984: 54 points (Andrew, you're not in last!!)
17. r377: 52 points (maybe this is karma for you always pulling up old posts to prove that you were right about something... haha)

Well that's the update for right now. Remember to check back later once the regular season awards are announced!

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