2011 NBA Dunk Contest

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2011 NBA Dunk Contest

Who do you all think should be in this years Dunk Contest?

My choices are:

Blake Griffen - Been a MAN this year and would easily be a favorite to win.

JaVale McGee - Extremely athletic, and throws down monster jams.

Russell Westbrook - Good athlete and dunker, and has determination to be in the dunk contest.

Paul George - If you have seen him dunk, he does 360's effortlessly. I'm sure he could put on a show.

Other Possibilities:

Eric Gordon

DeMar DeRozan

Nick Young

Terrance Williams

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i wanna see some stars in it.

i wanna see some stars in it. atleast all stars or borderline all stars. my choices would be:

nick young, blake griffin, westbrook or rose(only 1 point guard please), and someone like josh smith or andre iguodala.

ps- watching andre iguodala videos last night on youtube and that guy has to be atleast a top 10 game dunker of all time possibly top 5. the man is sick in the air.

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Dunk Contest

Blake Griffen- dunks against the knicks yesterday was SICK

Demar Derozan- was screwed out of win last year so he has to come back

John Wall- Athletic and fast. good combination for a dunker

Terrance Willaims- has some nice dunks


Lebron James- promised he would enter last year. like him or hate him he can throw it down

Derek rose, Westbrook, rudy gay, serge ibaka(has hops might be a have monster dunks)

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