2011 NBA draft do-over (first round)

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2011 NBA draft do-over (first round)

If NBA teams were to draft based on what they'd know now, (in parentheses is where they were actually picked) I'm just taking into consideration the players drafted in the first round

This is difficult for one reason: Klay Thompson has produced quite well early on in his career, but his potential isn't as high as someone like Enes Kanters...I tried to place them moreso on what they've accomplished so far, while just mildly considering their potential

1) Kyrie Irving (1)
2) Klay Thompson (11)
3) Enes Kanter (3)
4) Kenneth Faried (22)
5) Kawhi Leonard (15)
6) Nikola Vucevic (16)
7) Kemba Walker (9)
8) Tristan Thompson (4)
9) Brandon Knight (8)
10) Derrick Williams (2)
11) Jimmy Butler (30)
12) Markieff Morris (13)
13) Tobias Harris (19)
14) Iman Shumpert (17)
15) Jonas Valanciunas (5)
16) Marcus Morris (14)
17) Alec Burks (12)
18) Reggie Jackson (24)
19) Norris Cole (28)
20) MarShon Brooks (25)
21) Donatas Motiejunas (20)
22) Jordan Hamilton (26)
23) Jimmer Fredette (10)
24) Bismack Biyombo (7)
25) Chris Singleton (18)
26) Cory Joseph (29)
27) Jan Vesely (5)
28) Nolan Smith (21)
29) JaJuan Johnson (27)

30/NA Nikola Mirotic (23)

Biggest Drop: Jan Vesely down 22 spots
Biggest Rise: Jimmy Butler up 19 spots

Picked in the right spots: Kyrie irving, Enes Kanter, Markieff Morris, Donatas Motiejunas

Picked way too early: Vesely, Biyombo, Fredette, Valanciunas, Williams

Picked way too late: Faried, Klay Thompson, Leonard, Vucevic, Butler

Granted this is challenging because we have under 2 years of examples to go off of, but this is a semi-accurate assessment (we all have different opinions)

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Utah did a great job with

Utah did a great job with this draft coming away with Kanter, Burks sure it would have been nice for Kemba to have fallen to #12 but it jsut didn't happen. Kanter was the right pick, but they could have gone with Leonard over Burks. All in all just a great draft for the Jazz.

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Jonas at 15? He still has a

Jonas at 15? He still has a long way to go, and I would still take him over Markeiff Morris.

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I'd probably still draft him

I'd probably still draft him with the 5th pick too. Especially considering this is his rookie year and everybody else on this list (save for D Mot) is in their second year.

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I honestly think Faried at #4

I honestly think Faried at #4 is too low. Kyrie is obviously #1, but I can easily see a team picking Faried over Kanter and Thompson.

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I think 4 is a good spot for

I think 4 is a good spot for Faried, though I think Tristan Thompson is a bit low on this draft he is putting up similar numbers to Faried this year

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I think if potential had more

I think if potential had more consideration TT would top Faried. Faried doesn't have nearly as much room to grow, not that its a bad thing because he is already a fantastic energy forward. But i think Tristan has shown he is willing to put in the work to make himself a potential all-star forward.

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Im sorry but even to this

Im sorry but even to this day i believe that anyone that had seen Jan Vesely play would select him in the lottery. He was getting minutes in Europe and while he was a tweener on offense he showed he could be a defensive star with his ability to lockdown multiple positions

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I don't know about others but

I don't know about others but I would have picked Motiejunas over other forwards like the Morris brothers. He's been warming the bench the whole season until recently. Mchale has put him in the starting 5 and he has played well. With him on the floor Houston's numbers offensively are very good. He has a lot of potential but there's a risk he's going to turn into a Bargnani. But he's going to be a steal taken at 20.

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I would move Kanter at #2 and

I would move Kanter at #2 and Vucevic at #3. Centers are a premium position and those two have the makings of being a top 5 center in this league.

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My top picks, disregarding

My top picks, disregarding team needs, would be:

1: Irving
2: Farried
3: Leonard
4: Vucevic
5: Klay
6: Kanter
7: Tristan
8: Knight

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I think Valanciunas is pretty low. If the Spurs were willing to give up Tony Parker for Valanciunas, I think that says something about his talent. I would still take him in the top 5.

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Just google'd this and wow,

Just google'd this and wow, can't believe the Spurs were going to do that..

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Valanciunas too early? He's

Valanciunas too early? He's already developing a back-to-basket game. It seems he'll be a top 5 C in the league in few years.
Tobias Harris didn't do much before the trade... so he still has a lot to prove IMO, while Shumpert had a solid rookie season.

I agree with most of BasketBalAllan's list.

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don't be surprised if my

don't be surprised if my lithuanian guys will be as good as top5 BOTH next year by the same time of the season

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Jan Vesely will be good if he

Jan Vesely will be good if he starts getting consistant minutes, he played good at the end of last season when he started.....

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Someone might want to look at

Someone might want to look at Thompson's shooting splits this year. He was basically hot for one month and has been boarderline terrible lately. He doesn't even play crunch time. I would definitely take Leonard and Faried over him.

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