1's & 2's: Central Division

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1's & 2's: Central Division

Here are the teams with 1st options (my definition of 1st option is someone that can get you 23-25+ a night), and 2nd options currently on their roster (2nd options usually in the 15-19ppg range). Also, which of these teams have enough 1-2 firepower to win a Chip

Bulls Rose (23ppg) as the Main option for the Bulls i think he is talented enough to Lead a team to a Chip

2nd Option: Toss up between Boozer/Deng. I would take Deng (17ppg) as the 2nd Option, because he was more consistent last year & was the best defensive player for the Bulls. However, He has to guard 2 of the Top SF(Bron,Melo) in the L in order for the Bulls to reach a Chip. So the Bulls will need another SG/SF who can create for Deng to be the 2nd Option that Helps tjhe Bulls win Big.

Pacers Granger (20.5ppg). He has the Skill to put up 25 a night, i think with the right cast he can lead a team to a Chip. Indy has the $$$ to put a Solid team together for years to come.

2nd Option: This maybe a group ( 2-3 players that can help pick up the scoring slack). But i think the 2nd Option could be GHill.

All the Other teams lack that SureFire #1 guy with promising Rookies who may be 2nd option in near future

Pistons No #1

2nd Option Monroe?

Bucks No #1

2nd Options BJennings/SJax/Bogut (If Healthy)

Cavs No 1st or 2nd Options. Future #2 option KIrving . However this should be great when the Cavs get a 1-3 Lottery Ball next year.

I think the Pistons & Cavs will be near the Top of the Draft next year. So is there a #1 option they can draft for their team.

Comments please.

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My brain hurts after reading

My brain hurts after reading that

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