NBADraft.net: What made playing for Larry Brown at SMU was so appealing to you?

Emmanuel Mudiay: Well first of all I prayed about it and that’s where Jesus was leading me too, it’s also home. To me he’s the greatest coach of all time along with Phil Jackson and he’s the only coach to win an NCAA and NBA championship. Why not get coached by one of the greatest coaches ever?

NBADraft.net: Were you impressed by the success SMU experienced this year and what are your goals for next season?

Mudiay: I really wasn’t impressed to be honest with you because I know he is a great coach and most of the players that were there had to sit out last year cause they transferred so I knew what they had. Next year man I feel like we could go all the way and that’s the goal, really. All the big name schools I don’t care about that because basketball is a game of competitiveness. Whoever is the most competitive and has the most heart will end up winning.

NBADraft.net: I know you had a lot of big time offers and it came down to SMU or Kentucky. How important was staying at home and representing your city?

Mudiay: At first it wasn’t to be honest but as more people started saying it, I really don’t listen to what other people say but that really stuck out to me. After I committed that’s when I said dang I’m at home I’m not going anywhere. It’s a blessing, not many people choose to do that, you know people get homesick when they leave and end up transferring back. But I got an opportunity to play for one of the best coaches and it’s only an hour and thirty minutes from the house so why not just go play there.

NBADraft.net: Who is toughest player you have ever faced, either in High School, Camps or AAU?

Mudiay: Kyle Anderson or Kyrie Irving. I mean Kyle he is 6’9 slow mo, he is so slow and he will jab at you and you think he’s gone but he will come back at you real slow and shoot it. When he shoots it he keeps the ball way above his head. You know Kyrie is a smart player and he is great coming off the screens and you got to react quick to his decisions.

NBADraft.net: I know you have heard comparisons and I have heard comparisons to John Wall and Tyreke Evans. Who in the league past or present do you compare your game to?

Mudiay: To be honest not too many people know this but both of my brothers. The oldest one Stephon is the smoother one and Michael is the more athletic one. So I grew up watching them play and then God blessed me with my own talent. I will look at some NBA players and pick up some stuff from their games, it don’t matter who it is if they make a nice move I can try to do that, but I modeled my game after both of my brothers.


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