Davis Bertans is one of the most intriguing International prospects in this year’s draft. Just 18, Bertans is possibly the top pure shooter in the draft (Fredette included). He is shooting 57% from 3 on the season, averaging 8.9 min per game and 4.1 ppg. He impressed scouts at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland Oregon in April. A soft spoken 18 year old, Davis has a strong focus and desire. I conducted this interview on May 27th, with Davis’ team heading into the Slovenian league finals against first place Krka Novo Mesto. Your season is still going on, describe how the season has been finishing up for you playing for Olimpija Ljubljana?

Davis Bertans: It’s been a good season. Yesterday we had the second semifinals and we beat Helios a good team. and now next Thursday we start our finals against Krka Novo Mesto, who were the champions. What about personally, how has the season gone for you?

Davis Bertans: Personally, I can say it’s okay because I’m getting good playing time some of the time and then with bigger games sometimes less, being a younger player. And when I get some good playing time, 15 minutes or more I think I show pretty good. So when you get 15 minutes or so, you’re able to get comfortable and get into a rhythm, and without that it’s difficult?

Davis Bertans: Yeah it’s hard to do much when I get on the court for just 2 minutes, but when I get some real game time, at least 7-8 minutes, I can show something. You competed in the Hoops Summit on the International team. I got a chance to see you play there. What was that experience like?

Davis Bertans: That was the first time in my life that I went to the US and an event like that. I never really had the chance to go to a youth talent camp because there’s always a conflict with a season going on and the team needed me so I always ended up staying home and practicing. When I’m here everybody knows that I’m the young guy and because of that the team can play without me, so they let me go. And of course I used this chance and it was a great experience. I got a chance to play against the best guys of my generation. It was really well organized so I really enjoyed it. I spent most of the time with Bismack Biyombo, and we hung out more (than anyone else). And he’s really 24 or 25? No, I’m only kidding.

Davis Bertans: When you talk with him, it’s really hard to say. If your asking me I would say he’s 18 like me. But there’s no big difference when you’re 18 or 25 when you talk so… What was it like playing with the players from around the world, being apart of that team? Who impressed you?

Davis Bertans: Actually I was really impressed with the way we were all from so many different places (2 from Brazil, 2 from Canada) and everyone came to play as a team and there was no arrogance. Everybody was friendly. It was impressive the way we were able to become a team in 7 days. This being your first trip to the US, what was your impression?

Davis Bertans: They were really kind people. That was the first thing I noticed. everybody was very kind. You are a great shooter, when did you realize you had a gift for shooting the basketball?

Davis Bertans: I don’t remember that. (laughs). I was really young. In junior leagues when I was 7, I think I was already shooting pretty well, so. Describe your daily routine.

Davis Bertans: In the morning I wake up around 9 then I make breakfast. Practice is always at 11. Most of the time it’s just for young guys. So some individual practices. Defense and shooting, so morning practices are usually about one hour. And then sometimes after the practices it’s weight lifting or flexibility, or balance. And then I go for lunch. Then I come home. Then I get some rest and the evening practice is at 6. We have a half hour meeting and watch videos. and then 2 hours for practice. And then dinner and then sleep. What about shooting? How many shots would you say you get up in a day?

Davis Bertans: Actually I don’t know. I haven’t counted. I just try to shoot as much as possible. Is playing in the NBA something you have always dreamt of, is that something that is important to you?

Davis Bertans: Yeah that’s always been my dream. And is that something that you feel that you’re ready for next season? How soon do you feel you’ll be ready to play in the NBA?

Davis Bertans: Like to really get some game time? Probably not next year. Maybe in 2 years. Are you planning on being in Treviso in June (for the adidas Eurocamp)?

Davis Bertans: Yeah I’ll go there. I guess I won’t play there but I’ll just go for some workouts. And you think that you will stay in this year’s draft?

Davis Bertans: That depends. That’s more an agent thing. Have any NBA teams given you any input on ways you can improve your game for the NBA or just expressed interest in you?

Davis Bertans: That’s something you have to ask my agent. Thanks for the interview and best of luck to you Davis!



  1. @6-6-6-lol
    Why do I feel like


    Why do I feel like you already have an account on this website and you just made this account so you can display your bitter comments?


  2. Highlight Video

    The "highlight" video linked to the site is flat out funny. It is basically a collection of him bricking three-pointers. I swear he must shoot less than 20% in the video. And he doesn’t show much athleticism either, short arms don’t help.

    But he certainly seemed to have a greenlight to launch em, so the coach must like something.  

  3. he actually was 10-18 from

    he actually was 10-18 from 3pt in the vid. He looks really skinny for the SF position. The casper skin tone and the knee high white socks dont help his image either but I can see a late 1st pick from the vid. Hes better then Sasha Pavlovic was when he was drafted

  4. Okay, I stand corrected. But

     Okay, I stand corrected. But there are two really bad airballs in the first minute of the video and I’m assuming this is supposed to be some sort of highlight reel. It really isn’t impressive for highlights. He definitely misses a whole lot in that video. 

    Good luck to the kid. But if I wanted a slow tallish guy who can shoot threes, I’d take Jon Diebler. He shot 50% over the course of a college season in which he launched 217 three point attempts. Probably not a fair comparison, but I don’t trust these Euros who can’t get more than 15 minutes a game play time. 

  5. @TallmanNYC

     If he is shooting 57% on the season, than he must be doing something with his shooting right.  You can’t judge a player’s shooting other than, to a partial degree, his form from a short video.  All players will brick some threes, the coach probably gives him the green light because he makes more than most.

  6. It’s

    It’s obviously not a highlight video, it’s a scouting video.

    To understand a player you have to see him take a lot of shots; some go in, and some don’t. These kinds of videos are of much more value to somebody who has never seen Bertans play in a game than a highlight reel.

  7. Maybe Kukoc v. 2.0. But hey,

    Maybe Kukoc v. 2.0. But hey, if I’m drafting in the late 1st round, I’d LOVE that kind of return on my investment. He has a skill set that every team can utilize in its rotation. And if he becomes more than a rotation player, that’s just gravy.

  8. potential

    there is no sure pick in the NBA much less sure with a European player…. but he seems like he is pretty well put together, understands what he needs to do and such, he appears to have a lot of potential, and is not unwilling to practice….. plus if he can learn the American game as well and as fast as he learned the English language he could have a pretty good career lol

  9. I havent seen him play other

    I havent seen him play other then the Hoop Summit where he was very good, but seemed like a complete non factor defensively. Reminds me a bit of Kyle Korver, with more height, and maybe more scoring versatility. If he can find a way to gain a bit more athletisism, and find a way to at least be a bit better then a bad defender (that seems to cut it at the NBA level) he should be in the League as a longrange shooter for a while.

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