Collin Sexton is one of the top incoming freshmen in the country after breaking out last summer averaging 31.7 points per game on the Nike EYBL. The flamboyant Sexton played in the McDonald’s All American Game and brought the crowd to their feet. We talked to Sexton before the game, here’s what he had to say.


NBADraft.net: How has Chicago and McDonald’s week been?

Collin Sexton: I would say this is a great experience. Just to be out here and to be one of the Georgia players to be out here, it’s just great.

NBADraft.net: Do you feel like you have anything to prove playing in this game?

Collin Sexton: Absolutely, you always want to go on the court and show the world what you can do. You always want to go out there and have fun and that’s the biggest thing, just have fun.

NBADraft.net: How would you best describe your game to somebody?

Collin Sexton: I would describe my game as a really good scorer, a really good player. Also, I play with a lot of passion for the game.

NBADraft.net: What’s the main thing you want to add or work on for the college level?

Collin Sexton: Becoming more of a leader like I have in these practices. I want to make sure I become more of a leader on the court as well as off the court. Also, playmaking for others. Getting even better at getting my shot off.

NBADraft.net: Is there anybody you base your game off of?

Collin Sexton: I like watching (Russell) Westbrook, Chris Paul, and then also (James) Harden.

NBADraft.net: If I would have told you a year ago that you would be a McDonald’s All American, what would your reaction have been?

Collin Sexton: At first people didn’t know who I was so I had to prove myself.

NBADraft.net: What attracted you to Alabama?

Collin Sexton: I would say the love and the passion that Coach Avery (Johnson) coaches with and also the family environment. They welcomed me even before I had committed there. Just the passion and the love that everybody had.

NBADraft.net: What’s been the biggest moment of your career?

Collin Sexton: The biggest moment of my career…playing in the EYBL and also the World Championship for the U17 winning MVP and bringing home gold.

NBADraft.net: At what age did you realize basketball was something you wanted to pursue?

Collin Sexton: I knew I wanted to play in the NBA at like age three, that was my goal. That’s when I first stepped on the court.

NBADraft.net: If you could go back and give advice to a ninth grade Collin Sexton, what would you say?

Collin Sexton: Just continue working hard and show the world what you can do.

NBADraft.net: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Collin Sexton: Being in the NBA, that’s the goal and making sure my family is good.


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