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Player of the Week

Jayson Tatum - Duke

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Player of the Week

John Collins - Wake Forest

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Player of the Week

Tyler Lydon - Syracuse

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Jamel Artis - Pittsburgh

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Joel Berry - North Carolina

Menace to ACC Society

Player of the Week

Dennis Smith Jr. - NC State

Cool Hand Luke

It was a great week for the ACC, or at least it was for most teams. They took home the conference's first ACC/Big10 Championship title in 7 years and as a collective group, went 20-8 overall. The only "bad" loss was by Pitt on Friday night at home to a bad Duquesne team (more on that later).

Forever Young

After going 18-1 in the opening weekend of hoops, the ACC came back to Earth a little this week. The league finished 28-7 with a few key victories and a few losses that potential contenders would love to have back. There were great performances all around the league and quite a few from players you haven't heard of...yet. Clemson is the only team with multiple losses on the season and just haven't looked the same since their opening night win against Georgia.

ACCtion Jackson

The opening weekend of college basketball is in the books and I, for one, couldn't be happier. Basketball is back. And even though the NBA has been in full swing for a little over three weeks now, college basketball is just different. Aside from the obvious that the players aren't professionals, there's just a different level of excitement when watching your college team play as opposed to your NBA team. Every game matters more as a loss early in the season can affect whether a team gets into the NCAA Tournament come season's end.

SEC Wrap-Up

Player of the Year

Tyler Ulis - Kentucky

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