Player of the Week

Jordan Theodore, Seton Hall

I would love to have a friend like Theodore. He’s become one of the best sharers in the conference, consistently fulfilling his duties as a senior point guard.

Theodore has been averaging 18 points and 8.8 assists over his last five games. He has defined the term "floor general", wisely picking and choosing when to score and distribute with great efficiency. His leadership and poise have helped transform Seton Hall from being a break on the schedule to an unpleasant matchup.

He leads the Big East in dishes at 7.4 per game.
Heatin’ Up

Vincent Council PG, Providence

Council was fantastic against Louisville, slicing through their pressure defense for 15 points and 14 assists, turning it over just twice in 40 minutes. He added 8 boards in one of the most complete performances given from any point guard in the conference this year.

Maalik Wayns PG, Villanova

Though Nova lost, Wayns had a career night against Cincinnati, finishing with 39 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and only 2 turnovers. Wayns has improved as a scorer, but remains questionable as an orchestrator. 39 points from your point guard is never a good sign.

Kevin Jones PF, West Virginia

Another day at the office for Jones. 24 points, 14 rebounds in a cakewalk over Rutgers. Man does he look good.

Coolin Off

Maalik Wayns

Welcome back. Wayns’ best game of his career was inexplicably preceded by his worst. He was completely ineffective against Syracuse, finishing 0 for 7 from the field and 3 lousy assists.

The Entire Pittsburgh Panthers

Ya hate to use words like embarrassing, but c’mon. Six consecutive losses, including one to Wager, Notre Dame, DePaul, and a 39 point effort in a loss to Rutgers. It’s Gibbs or bust for a team that lacks depth, talent and athleticism in a league that requires it.

The Big East’s Top Five Thieves

1. Dion Waiters G, Syracuse

Waiters’ best defensive asset is deception. He doesn’t look quick, which helps disguise his sneakiness in terms of attempting a swipe. Waiters has crafty hands and great mobility, leading to a few takeaways per game  that result in easy buckets in transition. He averages a phenomenal 4.1 steals/40 min, and has continued to make his case as a first round talent.

2. Russ Smith, G Louisville

Smith just moves at a fast pace, causing panic and discomfort for ball-handlers. He’s long, fast and active, maintaining the highest steals per 40 number of any player in the conference (4.5 steals/40min). The full-court press only makes him more of a defensive terror.

3. Fuquan Edwin SG, Seton Hall

Edwin is lengthy and athletic, which are really useful perks when it comes to playing passing lanes. His ability to consistently alter offense is remarkable, as he’s tallied more than 4 steals eight times already this season (including an 8 steal game in a win over Mercer). Edwin leads the Big East in steals at exactly 3 per game.

4. Peyton Siva PG, Louisville

Siva’s physical tools are suited for swift burglary. He’s low to the ground, moves fast and sports quick instincts. He’s averaging just over 2 a game in 30 minutes of action, and remains a coast to coast threat thanks to flashy hands, speed and the ability to finish in transition.

5. Jordan Theodore, PG, Seton Hall

Theodore’s small at 6’0, but he’s strong and gritty. He has a whopping 14 steals over his last three games, reflective of his overall confidence and focus. Theo’s averaging 2.3 steals per game, good for 4th in the conference.

Weekly Thoughts

The more I watch West Virginia play, the more I picture myself writing their name multiple times on a bracket.

If you shoot the ball well against Louisville, you got em’. Easier said than done obviously, but their offense is just brutal. They need a 45 second shot clock.

Andre Drummond should be fully broken out by March. That makes Connecticut a scary tournament team. Their arrow is pointing up.


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