By Adi Joseph

Joseph: Hi Acie, it’s Adi Joseph from Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview. How did your workout go?

Law: It went well.

Joseph: Where do you see your draft stock right now?

Law: Probably late lottery, mid-first round. My coach called all the GMs and talked to them and we did background research. That’s where it came out at.

Joseph: What are you working on, specifically, to improve your game before individual workouts?

Law: Shooting. I know they’re going to have me doing a lot of shooting. Also just trying to get in the best shape I can possibly get in, and working on pick and roll and stuff like that.

Joseph: Give me your perspective on the new rule prohibiting high-schoolers from entering the draft.

Law: Its good for college basketball, I think. Some players, I think they should be allowed to go. You can only improve if you get a year of college basketball. And it makes it more entertaining if you have those guys coming in. It makes it more fun to watch.

Joseph: Who are you working with in preparation for the draft?

Law: I’m going to be working with B.J. Armstrong and John Lucas.

Joseph: What can you learn from Lucas, especially as a point guard?

Law:He’s a point guard that was the number one pick in the draft. Not many people can say that. And he has experience. He has a lot of knowledge about the game, and a lot of NBA players have respect for him. So I felt if I could get in and work with him it could help my game out a lot.

Joseph: Is their a certain style of play or NBA team that you think you would fit in best with?

Law: I think I can play either style – half court or face paced. I prefer to get into the fast paced. I don’t know any particular teams, I just am blessed to get the opportunity to be drafted. I just prefer to play the fast tempo.

Joseph:Is immediate playing time something you expect at the next level?

Law:If I get into the situation where I have to play behind somebody and learn, then I’d be fine with that. But if I get the opportunity to play right away, I’d be fine with that too. I’m just happy with the opportunity to play at the next level.

Joseph: Who was the most clutch shooter in college basketball this season?

Law: A lot of people say me. But you got guys like Aaron Brooks who did a good job in the clutch. Kevin Durant did a good job in the clutch. I’d like to put myself in the with the top players in college basketball, but there’s a lot of players who do a terrific job in the clutch.

Joseph: How are you able to raise your level of play in key situations?

Law: Just confidence in myself. I’m not afraid to fail. When you’re in tough situations you have to have confidence in yourself and not be afraid to miss. And I’m not afraid to miss. I have confidence in myself and my coaches have confidence in me.

Joseph: lists your NBA comparison as Chauncey Billups. Who would you compare yourself to in the NBA?

Law: I think that’s a pretty good comparison. I think he’s a lot bigger than me right now. I think as I continues to mature, my body continues to mature, I can be like that. My style is kind of different. I do a lot of things just differently. I do a lot of things different. I’m not trying to say I’m as good as him. Chauncey Billups – that’s my favorite point guard, by the way. That’s who I try to play like. So I think that’s a good comparison.

Joseph: With Coach Gillespie gone, what are your former teammates feeling right now?

Law:They’re down. They know that’s a tough job to turn away, though. When you get the opportunity like to coach at Kentucky with it’s basketball tradition, that’s a great opportunity. They know that’s a great opportunity. They’re down they aren’t going to be playing for him. But they’re going to move on and work hard.

Joseph: Despite the loss of Gillespie, Texas A&M appears to now be on the college basketball map. What will it take to sustain that?

Law: I think they’ve got to continue to work hard. We did a lot of hard work, and we brought a hard hat every time we went on the court. Who ever the coach is that comes in, he’s going to get a group that will work hard. So if they continue to do those things they should be fine.

Joseph: How difficult was it to end your collegiate career the way you did?

Law: It was tough. We were on one of the biggest stages. We had the opportunity to put the team ahead, and I missed. It’s tough to put it all on one play, because I had a great career. But now you’ve got to move on and prepare for the NBA Draft.


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