Orlando, FL July 25-31, 2021

This years camp was limited to select 60 players . With that being said, it still had quite a few high level and high potential future pros. The state of Texas definitely was in full force.

Noah Clowney 6’10 C (Dorman High) Spartanburg, SC (2022)

Coming into the spring this young man was sort of an enigma. Not too many people knew about Clowney. When you look at his length, agility and skill set, it’s definite catered for the NBA. He can handle the ball well for a 6’10 center, and makes good decisions when handling the ball on the perimeter. He has good low post moves and is excellent passing out of the double team. He’s a good rebounder but needs to become more aggressive on the glass on both ends. He can pop out and hit the 3 with consistency. He still has a tendency to try to fit in at times instead of staying aggressive. He can play with physicality and finesse.

Jaden Bradley 6’4 PG (IMG) Concord, NC (2022)

Over the past couple years, he’s gotten some about his athleticism. A the at NBPA Top 100 Camp he showed that he’s anything but under athletic, he’s a special talent at PG. His IQ is off the charts. He plays with an excellent pace and a great feel. His instincts are off the charts. I’ve seen every PG that’s highly ranked and my opinion, he’s the best. He has great size for a PG and most importantly, knows how to use it. He’s very good at posting up smaller guards. he still has a tendency to gamble too much at times on defense. He’s a very good in space defender but I like to see him be a more consistent on ball defender. He also needs to get a more consistent deep range jump shot. With all this being said, he will be an instant impact player at the college level and with the right talent around him, I could see him taking a team deep into the tournament his freshman year.

Keyonte George 6’5 SG (ISchool of Lewisville) Coppell, TX (2022)

He may be the most explosive and prolific scorer in this class. When he’s hot, he can reel off bucket after bucket. He can score in every way imaginable. He can light you up from 3 feet beyond the NBA 3 point line. He also will dagger you with the mid-range jumper and he can explode to the hole and put it on your head. He has decent handles for a combo guard. He can play some PG but he’s way more valuable playing off the ball and attacking and scoring. When he locks in and decides to defend, he can be a major problem for his opponent. Now the flip side is that he can be streaky, and go 0 for 7 and will keep putting it up. He gambles a lot on defense, which can put his team in a vulnerable position. At times he can seem disengaged from the game. So learning better focus and consistency is key. His talent is undeniable and can go as far and be as good as he wants to be.

Cason Wallace CG 6’4 (Richardson High) Dallas, TX (2022)

This young mans a physical specimen at the guard position. He’s physical and athletic. He’s hands down one of the most explosive players in the class. He has a non-stop motor that helps him excel on both ends. I love that he plays down hill and keeps the pressure on the defense. His defense is outstanding when he’s locked in. He’s a physical on ball defender. At times his aggressiveness and physicality can get him in trouble. He has to learn to defend better moving his feet and not using his hands. He’s a streaky shooter that can get shot-happy launching the long ball at times. His game and ability is catered to the Pro game. He shouldn’t have a hard times transitioning to the league when the time comes.

Caleb Foster 6’4 PG (Oak Hill Academy) Yanceyville, NC (2023)

Foster had a dramatic turnaround. I saw him on the circuit the early part of the summer and he struggled. He couldn’t buy a bucket. Well he came into the NBPA Top 100 Camp on a mission and was clearly focused. He played with great pace and a lot of confidence. He showed his entire offensive arsenal. He knocked down the NBA 3 ball, he got to the cup at will. He showed good change of direction while navigating traffic in the lane. He absorbed contact and finished at the basket. His court awareness and vision was also on point. I was very impressed with his on ball defense. It may have been the best I’ve seen him play. I would still like to see him get stronger and more physical, but with age and growth that should come. The biggest thing now is seeing him continue this upward trend, because for Oak Hill to get back to national prominence, he must play at a very high level.

Terrance Arceneaux 6’7 WF (Beaumont United) Beaumont, TX (2022)

No player’s stock has risen more then this young man’s since the high school season. He’s the prototypical WF in today’s game. He can put in on the floor and finishes above the rim at the bucket. He can knock down the 3 ball. He has a nice mid-range jump shot. He handles the ball well on the wing and creates and makes plays for his teammates. On the defensive end, he can guard 4 positions. His plays the lanes very well. He still has a tendency to disappear at times and with his talent that should never happen. With the momentum he’s built, there’s no reason his stock doesn’t continue to rise.

Yohan Traore 6’10 C (Prolific Prep) Dallas, TX (2022)

I first saw this young man play in the Pangos AA Camp and it was hard finding other bigs that matched his talent. He’s athletic, physical, aggressive and very skilled. He can play facing the basket are with his back to the basket. He has excellent footwork and can turn either way and score with either hand. He has nice touch from 15 feet and in. I also saw him knock down the occasional 3. On the defensive end he was very impactful protecting the basket and when opponents caught it outside the paint, he more then held his own guarding perimeter players. He was extrememly active on the glass on both ends. He can become more confident shooting the deep ball, and that would open his game up so much more.

Jett Howard 6’7 WF (IMG Academy) Ann Arbor, MI (2022)

Howard was definitely a pleasant surprise. he proved that he more then belonged at this camp and stood out. It may be a forgone conclusion he’s going to Michigan and playing for his Dad, and to be honest: regardless of that, Michigan is a great fit for his game. He can score in bunches and at all 3 levels. He a very aggressive and polished scorer. He doesn’t have a lot of wasted moves when trying to score. He has a quick release on his jumper, which makes it easier for him getting off shots against taller players. When in a mismatch against smaller players, he showed the ability to post up and take advantage of his height. Now on the defensive end, he showed the ability to guard, but it wasn’t consistent. He has the length and athleticism to be a very good defender. Only dilemma I see with Michigan and playing for his Dad, is how long because I can’t see him being in college for four years.

Collin Chandler 6’5 SG (Farmington High) Farmington, UT (2022)

I love how on the offensive end he’s always in control and knows what he wants to do with the ball. He can rattle off bucket after bucket and there isn’t much opposing guards can do about it. If he’s in a zone and you crowd him, he’s athletic and explosive enough to go by you and finish above the rim and if your give him any space it’s going up from deep. He has very good vision for a scoring guard. He continued to make the right play. He was a little bothered by physicality. He’s a decent defender but has all the tools to be a lock down defender. He had good instincts playing the lane. If he picks the right school, I really doubt he will be there long.

Adam Bona 6’10 C (Prolific Prep) Napa, CA (2022)

This one was a hard one for me to put in this group, just because talent wise, he is so raw. Offensively he runs, dunks and grabs offensive rebounds. Every once in while he would surprise you with a spin move or knock down a mid-range jump shot. But more then not, this young mans buckets were off dunks. On the defensive end he contested everything. He also surprised me how he got out on the switch with his size. He runs the floor like a greyhound. He has a lot of work to become a pro. After watching him all week I won’t bet against him. His work ethic and energy is like no other. His attitude and personality is incredible. He was by far the best teammate of any player all weekend.


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