The Iverson Classic provided a talented roster with coaches Rasheed Wallace and Stephen Jackson on the sidelines. In an odd year, it was nice to see these seniors get an all-star game to showcase their skills. Team Honor beat Team Loyalty 143-131. Unfortunately, a box score wasn’t provided, and the score totals I have for each player is after four quarters. After the fourth quarter ended, the leading team had to score another 24 points as a Kobe Bryant tribute, similar to the NBA All-Star Game, I do not have individual scores from the “fifth quarter”.

Team Honor 

Chet Holmgren 7-0 190 C – Gonzaga

Holmgren was the talk of the event and was Team Honor’s MVP. He intrigues with his efficient ability to stretch the floor, athleticism, and shot blocking ability. He’s very accurate and effective scoring at the rim with ability to use either hand. He did struggle at times operating in traffic, whether getting bumped off his path or just putting the ball down in the crowd, it led to a few turnovers. He’s good about not forcing up an offensive rebound like a lot of young players or hunting for his shots in general. He led the game in scoring with 19 points and was very good rebounding on both ends of the floor. His mobility and coordination were on display, on one play he used a jab step on the perimeter to drive in while covering a lot of ground for a contested finesse left-handed layup.

Josh Minott 6-8 195 SF – Memphis

Minott opened eyes with his length and athleticism on his way to 14 points. He had many big dunks, taking off from a distance and took some difficult layups. His shot starts more towards the left side of his body and selection can improve, but he was able to connect on a few. Defensively, he struggled a bit laterally and changing direction on the perimeter when guarding quicker wings. Minott played hard and has tools to work with moving forward, and the Memphis crowd is excited to see him suit up next year.

Trevor Keels 6-5 210 PG/SG – Duke

Keels showed his guard skills; making nice passes, getting to the rim off the dribble, and hitting from distance. He’s not incredibly explosive but he used hop-steps and other creative moves to get where he wanted with the ball. He plays well in traffic, maneuvering around defenders and reacting to the help defender. He also wasn’t shy to use his left hand at the rim. He took a few quick 3PTers but it was working for him, scoring 12 points in the game.

Nolan Hickman 6-2 170 PG – Gonzaga

Hickman put up 11 points. He showed good change of speed and direction with the ball as well as body control on contested layups while using either hand. He got blocked on a few forced drives, but his aggressive play worked for him more often than not. In addition to scoring at the rim, he used his floater when appropriate and hit 3PTers as well. He played well off the dribble, not relying on triple threat to beat his defender.

Michael Foster 6-9 220 PF – G-League Ignite

Foster scored nine points and likely grabbed even more rebounds. He’s very difficult for anyone to guard in the paint, he never gave up on offensive rebounds, including some of his own misses, he scored with multiple defenders defending down low. With that said, he can benefit by letting it come to him more as he forced a lot of offense, more so in the scrimmage that then game; where he rarely passed, over-dribbled, and settled for a lot of predictable fadeaways while getting blocked at times. There was a stretch in the “fifth quarter” where he scored on multiple consecutive plays, even when the defense knew he was going to put up a shot, he got what he wanted. He moved the ball better in the game, including an impressive cross-court pass out of the post to hit Minott in the corner for an open 3pter. He has good potential defensively, but he needs to make sure he doesn’t over-help as he left Huntley-Hatfield open for a number of 3pters.

Kendall Brown 6-8 210 SF – Baylor

Brown let it come to him, he didn’t hunt for opportunities. He showed solid shooting form and toughness inside finishing with eight points. He has a strong build and is an effortless athlete who pops off the ground quickly without taking time to gather. He’s a reliable finisher inside and hit a nice one dribble pull-up off of a shot fake.

Daimion Collins 6-9 190 PF – Kentucky

Collins is very long with a reported 7’4.5 wingspan and athletic. His skill set has a way to go as his ability to put the ball on floor is minimal and he pulled up for a few contested 3PTers that weren’t ideal. He scored four points in the game, one coming on a transition dunk and another on a tip-slam that he barely had to jump for. His tools allow him to impact while he’s on the floor, if/when his skills catch up, opponents won’t know what to do with him.

Team Loyalty 

Tyrese Hunter 6-0 160 PG – Iowa State

Hunter was tough and displayed a no-nonsense demeanor. He’s explosive and displayed 3PT shooting. He threw down a few dunks in the game and was impressive in the dunk contest as well. Although he put up some quick shots at times, he played at a controlled pace, and hit a number of outside shots and got them off with just a little bit of space. He takes it hard to the rim and hits contested shots at impressive angles. He uses hands a lot defensively which led to a few fouls. Hunter earned MVP for Team Loyalty with 16 points.

Paolo Banchero 6-9 230 PF – Duke

Banchero looked great all weekend. He’s very good about not over-dribbling, he never forced anything and still put up big numbers. He showed good use of footwork and pivots that you don’t see often at the high school level. His face-up game was working for him as well as consistently shooting from the perimeter. His ability to create in isolation stood out, sometimes breaking down his defender for a midrange shot and a play where he took Holmgren off the dribble for a layup. Defensively, he showed versatility and did a nice job as a shot blocker. Banchero’s an all-around talent with a blend of skill and athleticism on display all weekend. He finished the game with 15 points.

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield 6-9 220 PF – Tennessee

Huntley-Hatfield showed respectable versatility, scoring inside and out, stepping into numerous 3’s and filling it up in the paint with a mix of jams and soft touch over the weekend. Although not the most fluid, he’s well-coordinated and a solid athlete with finishes at the rim as well showing his shot blocking ability on the defensive end. He has solid pick & roll/pop potential and impressed in his showing with 14 points.

JD Davison 6-2 170 PG – Alabama

Davison scored 13 points in the game with seven of them coming in the fourth quarter. He was explosive all weekend and played above the rim at every opportunity. His shooting has a way to go, as well as his playmaking ability, but he got into the paint whenever he wanted. Sometimes he puts too much on his passes and is a bit turnover prone right now, but he was difficult for anyone to guard. He’s athletic in the open floor as well as in the half-court, not to mention his speed with the ball going to either his left or right with ability to pass with either hand on the move. He attacks without a plan at times, relying on athleticism to bail him out, sometimes it does while other times, he forces a shot or pass. He did have a nice pass out of the pick and roll to Banchero that was very well executed and hopefully, something we see more of moving forward. Defensively, he as the length and quickness. He’s also a very good shot blocker for his position.

AJ Griffin 6-7 195 SF – Duke

Although he is one of the younger players in the class, Griffin doesn’t lack the strength. He’s a very good athlete and shot it well off the catch and dribble. With that said, he can improve as a slasher, as there are times, he puts the ball down and stays in one spot. I would like to see him get to the rim more and show more variety in his scoring, but he was solid in his 12-point game.

TyTy Washington 6-4 180 PG – Kentucky

Washington shot the ball well and was highly unselfish. He’s not real explosive as he generally plays below the rim. He shows a nice touch on his floater but can improve some finishing at the rim. He’s good off the dribble and gets where he wants with the ball, showing decisiveness and not picking up his dribble too early. He’s also very alert with the ball and is excellent driving and kicking or any situation to bait the help defender to find the open man. The recent Kentucky commit scored all seven of his points in the second quarter, but his impact came in areas outside of scoring.

Peyton Watson 6-7 185 SF – UCLA

Watson is long and athletic. His skill set is still a work in progress, but he has the tools to work with. He has an unorthodox shooting stance with his right foot well in front of the left on jump shots that I think would help if he revised it with more balance. He played hard and his length is a plus defensively. He can still clean up as a ball handler and he didn’t look incredibly comfortable passing on the move. Watson only had four points in the game but flashed his potential in practice.


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