Player Height (no shoes)WeightWingspan
Larry Anderson6’3"3/4210.66’10"
Nick Barbour6’0"3/4196.26’3"1/2
Kent Bazemore6’3"3/4201.46’11"1/2
Oscar Bellfield6’1"1/4172.26’8"
Carlon Brown6’3"216.06’6"1/2
Darryl Bryant5’11"1/2207.66’5"1/2
Bradford Burgess6’4"3/4212.06’10"
Jet Chang6’3"193.26’6"
Jason Clark6’1"1/4171.06’8"
Laron Dendy6’7"1/2228.26’10"3/4
Kim English6’3"3/4190.86’7"
Juan Fernandez6’3"193.86’3"1/2
Kyle Fogg6’2"183.46’9"1/2
Matt Gatens6’4"1/4212.66’6"1/2
Yancy Gates6’8"1/4288.67’3"
Ashton Gibbs6’0"1/2182.86’6"1/2
Xavier Gibson6’9"3/4265.87’3"1/2
Augustus Gilchrist6’9"1/2238.87’2"3/4
Michael Glover6’6"225.66’9"
JaMychal Green6’7"1/2217.47’2"1/2
Eric Griffin6’6"1/2201.47’0"1/2
Jorge Gutierrez6’2"193.86’6"
Reggie Hamilton5’11"1/2180.26’4"1/2
Terrance Henry6’8"1/2195.26’11"1/2
Charles Hinkle6’4"207.66’6"1/2
Braydon Hobbs6’4"1/2173.66’6"1/2
Eli Holman6’7"1/2258.07’4"1/4
Ken Horton6’5"3/4204.06’11"
Steven Idlet6’9"3/4232.26’10"1/2
Chris Johnson6’3"1/2196.66’11"
Lazeric Jones5’11"1/2195.06’7"1/4
Jarrod Jones6’8"230.66’10"
Devoe Joseph6’2"1/2174.66’6"1/2
Kyle Kuric6’3"199.66’4"1/2
Greg Mangano6’9"231.06’10"3/4
Julian Mavunga6’7"253.87’1"1/2
Wendell McKines6’4"1/4239.86’8"3/4
David Michaels6’6"218.66’10"1/2
Ramone Moore6’3"1/2188.46’9"
Cameron Moore6’8"3/4222.87’1"
Dominique Morrison6’4"1/2213.26’9"1/2
Kevin Murphy6’6"195.06’7"
Kyle O'Quinn6’8"1/2240.87’5"
Herb Pope6’7"260.67’0"
Ricardo Ratliffe6’7"244.47’0"1/2
Gerald Robinson6’0"177.06’3"1/2
TJ Robinson6’6"1/2214.46’10"
Zack Rosen5’11"3/4169.66’1"
Ralph Sampson   
Rakim Sanders6’3"1/2228.26’10"1/2
Jesse Sanders6’2"197.06’2"1/2
Henry Sims6’10"250.87’4"
Chace Stanback6’7"208.46’6"1/2
Garrett Stutz6’11"251.67’3"
Jordan Taylor6’0"3/4190.86’3"1/4
Jordan Theodore5’10"1/2176.66’4"
Bryant Voiles6’8"203.66’10"1/4
Erving Walker5’7"3/4176.46’0"1/4
Mitchell Watt6’8"220.87’0"
Kyle Weems6’5"1/2223.46’10"
Charlie Westbrook6’2"1/2196.26’6"1/2
Wesley Witherspoon6’7"1/2214.66’10"
Keith Wright   
Alex Young6’5"217.26’11"

*Courtesy: PIT Website: / PIT Anthros



  1. Kyle O Quinn

    Aside from being everyone’s favorite mid-major player for a week, that dude’s got CRAZY LONG arms. What are the odds the PIT helped him out big time? 

    • Kyle O’Quinn

       Yes his wingspan is a definite asset for him when it comes to shot blocking but he needs to work on his perimeter game to make a real impact as a offensive threat.

  2. so suprised

     So surpised chris smith didnt get a invite to come here.smith is better then alot of these guys on this roster.come on ken horton from central conneticut state university? Thats in the NEC conference.thats basically like playing against kentuckys walk ons lol.

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