2011 Nike Peach Jam: Day 2

Sat, 07/16/2011 - 10:33am

By Ian Powers

Nerlens Noel / Photo: Florida247SportsNerlens Noel / Photo: Florida247SportsNerlens Noel Everett, MA/ Tilton School 6'11 208 C 2013- Noel was playing at a high level in his matchup with fellow 2013 elite Jabari Parker. He finished with 15 pts, 10 rebs, and 8 blks. He is a long and wiry athlete who has a terrific upside. He's the best shot blocker to come out of high school since Greg Oden, even drawing some comparions to Bill Russell. As has been stated before, his offense is still a work in progress, but there is no reason to think that it won't develop at some point. He also needs to add size and strength to his frame to be a complete player. The discussion on who the top 2013 player in the class has generally been limited to Jabari Parker and Julius Randle, but based on his performance this week, a very strong argument can be made for Noel. He is a game changer. Jim Calhoun and Jim Boeheim were on hand to see him and they were not disappointed.

Jabari Parker Chicago, IL/ Simeon 6'7 220 SF 2013- Parker is making a strong case for best player in America regardless of class. He is smooth and extremely skilled. He rebounds on both ends and has a nose for the ball. He can score on the box and he can score on the perimeter. His step back jumper is becoming a deadly weapon and he handles well enough to rebound and run the break. It is hard to find a weakness in his game. He could be more consistent from deep but he makes enough of them to earn your respect from that range. He was an efficient 12-24 from the floor and finished with 26 pts and 12 rebs. Duke, Illinois, Washington, Kansas, and Michigan St. are in hot pursuit and tracked his every move this week in North Augusta.

Marcus Paige Marion, IA/ Linn Mar 6'1" 160 PG 2012- Paige was outstanding today in the evening session. He was able to get wherever he wanted to on the floor. He did a great job keeping other guys involved while also being an efficient scorer. He is not a speed burner but he is crafty and has a great understanding of the Point Guard position. He can shoot the ball with range, get in the lane and is a very good finisher at the rim. Roy Williams is getting a good one.

Adam Woodbury Sioux City, IA/ SC East 7'1" 220 C 2012- Woodbury wasn't as effective as he was at the NBA camp where he won MVP a couple of weeks ago. He is still a highly skilled big who plays with effort and energy and is productive in the paint. He finishes with both hands around the basket and has a reliable jump hook over his left shoulder. He doesn't have great length and he's not a great athlete. He has seen his recruitment pick up recently and with good reason. Woodbury is one of the few true low post bigs in the country.

Rasheed Sulaimon Houston, TX/ Strake Jesuit 6'4" 183 SG 2012- Sulaimon was maybe the best performer of the day. He had his entire arsenal on display. He finished with 30 in a tough loss against Team Takeover Wednesday night. He shot the ball from deep, put the ball on the floor for pull ups and athletic finishes at the rim. He was aggressive from the start and almost carried his team to victory. The more I see him, the more I like his chances of making money playing this game at the highest level. He one of the more intense competitors in the country and hates to lose. The Duke fans are going to love him once he arrives on campus.

Steve Taylor Chicago, IL/ Simeon 6'8" 200 SF 2012- Taylor is a long and lean athlete with a nice stroke. When he sets his feet he can knock down shots at a high rate from long distance. He's an above average athlete and flashes the ability to get to the basket. He settles too much for jumpers at times and doesn't mix it up inside as much as he could. He's an intriguing prospect that can possibly play in the league one day with polish and added toughness to his game.

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Nerlens Noel haircut swag is

Nerlens Noel haircut swag is top notch

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I clicked on this because I

I clicked on this because I thought it was an article from 1988.

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How tall is he?

6'11" in shoes plus the flat top. I give hum 6'8" at best. This kid will be a Dennis Rodman on ice the way he plays Defense and hustles. I doubt he is six foot eleven though. Hell of a stretch to make his profile more appealing.

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Nerlens Cole is just a 6'11

Nerlens Cole is just a 6'11 version of Norris Cole.

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Measurement came from Nike at

Measurement came from Nike at the Lebron Jmaes Skills Academy. Don't have to make a player's profile more appealing. That's not my job. I assume you have measured him yourself or measured him on tv to know how tall he is exactly.

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This kid is one of my

This kid is one of my favorite prospects ever....His name, high top fade, ability to block anything and everything, love it. I hope he continues to develop and adds some muscle, this kid will be a terror. I know this video was already posted, but it's an amazing highlight video that needs another posting. Check the block at 2:10, that kid got UP and Nerlens says no no....not on my watch.


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