2009 NCAA Tournament Player Pool: Update

Sun, 03/22/2009 - 5:00pm

On Thursday we explained the rules to our site vs site fantasy contest between NBADraft.net and NBA based sister site HoopsDaily.com. Through the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tourney here are the results: Team HoopsDaily.com holds a slim 17 point lead at 918 points to 901, as well as 22 players remaining to 21 (for NBADraft.net) moving into the Sweet 16.

Here are the results (both team and individual) thus far:

Team HoopsDaily.com

Jon Pastuszuk Joshua Motenko Mark Priaulx
Aran Smith
B. Griffin 28,33 Teague (10) Evans 15,19 Blair 27,10
Price 20,27 Thabeet 20,6 Flynn 16,11 Ellington 25,23
Green 15,8 Lawson 0,23 Cunningham 25,18, Fields 6,13
Ruoff (9) Harden (9,10) Reynolds 8,11 Walker 10,8
Johnson (22) Hill 17,16 Devendorf 10,21 Heytvelt, 22,10
Lyons 23,18 A. Anderson 13,2 Taggart 8,14 T. Griffin 18,7
Bouldin 12,21 Pargo, 9,18 McNeal (14,30) DeRozan (18,18)
Randle (14) Daye 10,10 Abrams (26,17) Aminu (17)
250 pts,
5 remaining
173 pts,
6 remaining
263 pts,
6 remaining
232 pts,
6 remaining

918 points
22 players remaining

Team NBADraft.net

Borko Popic Brian Cerone Adam Ganeles Adi Joseph
Hansbrough 22,15
Young 14,32 Warren 16,16 Henderson 13,24
Clark 12,12 Adrien 13,23 T. Williams 13,24 Douglas (26)
Singler 10,17 Samuels 15,13 Carroll 13,15 Lucas 13,10
Collins 32,25 Scheyer 15,13 J. Anderson (10,15) Butler (12)
Thompson 6,6, Dozier 6,17 Thomas (9, 24) Hummel 9,7
Aldrich 23,13 Budinger 20,15 Christmas (29) Maynor (21)
Pendergraph (22,9) Brockman (10, 20) Fisher 11,13 Collison (10,15)
Morgan 16,3 Robinson 24,12 J. Smith 7,6 Wilkinson (15)
243 pts,
7 remaining
262 pts,
7 remaining
221 pts,
5 remaining
175 pts,
3 remaining

21 players remaining

Individual Scoreboard

Mark Priaulx
(263 points)
Brian Cerone
(262 points)
Jon Pastuszuk
(250 points)
Borko Popic
(243 points)
Aran Smith
(232 points)
Adam Ganeles
(221 points)
Adi Joseph
(175 points)
Joshua Motenko
(173 points)
Evans 34 Young 46 B. Griffin 61 Hansbrough 37
Blair 37 Warren 32 Henderson 37 Teague (10)
Flynn 27 Adrien 36 Price 47 Clark 24 Ellington 48 T. Williams 37 Douglas (26) Thabeet 26
Cunningham 43 Samuels 28 Green 23 Singler 27 Fields 19 Carroll 28 Lucas 23 Lawson 23
Reynolds 19 Scheyer 28 Ruoff (9) Collins 57 Walker 18 J. Anderson (25) Butler (12), Harden (19)
Devendorf 31 Dozier 23 Johnson (22) Thompson 12 Heytvelt, 32 Thomas (33) Hummel 16 Hill 33
Taggart 22 Budinger 35 Lyons 41 Aldrich 36 T. Griffin 25 Christmas (29) Maynor (21) A. Anderson 15
McNeal (44) Brockman (30) Bouldin 33 Pendergraph (31) DeRozan (36) Fisher 24 Collison (25) Pargo, 27
Abrams (43) Robinson 36 Randle (14) Morgan 19 Aminu (17) J. Smith 13 Wilkinson (15) Daye 20
263 pts,
6 remaining
262 pts,
7 remaining
250 pts,
5 remaining
243 pts,
7 remaining
232 pts,
6 remaining
221 pts,
5 remaining
175 pts,
3 remaining
173 pts,
6 remaining

Quick facts:

45 out of 64 players remain.
A total of 1801 points have been scored.
221.125 is the average score
5.625 players per team remain.
Blake Griffin is the point leader at 61 points.
Top 10 scorers: B. Griffin 61, S. Collins 57, W. Ellington. 48, A. Price 47, S. Young 46, J. McNeal 44, D Cunningham 43, A. Abrams 43, L. Lyons 41, (4 tied at 37)
UNC has the most players with 5 (Hansbrough, Ellington, Lawson, Green, Thompson)
Xavier is the only team left with no players in the pool.
49 games have been played and 15 are left in the tourney.

Team Outlooks:

Mark Priaulx (Pri-O) (263 points) has the overall point lead and the most interesting team with 3 sets of teammates remaining. A deep run for Villanova, Memphis and Syracuse will give him a good shot to win the title. However he could easily lose players quickly with so many players bunched on the same teams. Priaulx also made two excellent picks at the end of the draft grabbing two 40+ point scorers in AJ Abrams and Jerel McNeal, regardless of the fact that both players are out.

Brain Cerone's (262 points) appears to be the team to beat with seven players left and a point off the lead. Led by Sam Young, who started slow but was a great choice at the fourth pick. His early to middle round picks have been very solid and continue to survive and advance. Chase Budinger in the 6th round was a great selection. Cerone's final pick of Stanley Robinson is looking like an absolute steal with 36 points and a number of games potentially left.

Jon Pastuszek (250 points) may have scored the eventual top overall scorer with the second pick in Griffin who currently leads all scorers at 61 points. Though down to just 5 players, if Oklahoma is able to reach the final four this team will definitely be in the running.

Borko Popic (243 points) is just 20 points off the lead and also has a near full squad. He struck gold with his Kansas duo in the middle rounds. Sherron Collins is the #2 overall scorer after Griffin with 57 points and will look to add to that. Cole Aldrich has contributed 36. Not bad from your 4th and 6th round picks. His number one overall pick Hansbrough has 37 points and could be primed for some break out games.

Aran Smith (232 points) (My team) got criticized for taking two point guards (Fields and Walker) in the 3rd and 4th rounds but I was looking for long term value and players that would score points late. So far, those two have been below average scorers but hopefully will come through with points in the later rounds. With Ellington (3rd overall in scoring - 48 pts) and Blair (37 points), this team still has promise but will need some big games to get back into the running.

Adam Ganeles (221 points) is down to just 5 players but has some firepower left in Warren and Terrence Williams. Both players have proven to be solid picks in the early rounds. Demarre Carroll has been solid and the best thing is he;s still alive. Unfortunately some of his highest scoring players (James Anderson, Isaiah Thomas and Dionte Christmas) are all out. Ganeles looks like a long shot to win at this point.

Adi Josph's (175 points) team will need some 50 point performances from Gerald Henderson on his way to leading Duke to the title to have any shot of winning. (ie aint happeneing). He's down to just 3 players with Henderson, Kalin Lucas and Robbie Hummel. Say hello to your last place finisher. Better luck next year Adi!

Joshua Motenko (173 points) is also forced to play catch up. Motenko took some big risks including Teague with the #1 pick with a dangerous 13 seed Cleveland State in the first game (with Sam Young still on the board). Although his third round pick of Ty Lawson is beginning to look smart with his 23 point performance in round two despite a turf toe injury. Jordan Hill has also turned out to be a good risk with 33 points, desite no huge outputs, he's still alive.

Draft Results

Here was how the draft went down:

1. BP: Tyler Hansbrough, No. 1 North Carolina
2. JP: Blake Griffin, No. 2 Oklahoma
3. JM: Jeff Teague, No. 4 Wake Forest
4. BC: Sam Young, No. 1 Pittsburgh
5. AG: Willie Warren, Oklahoma
6. AJ: Gerald Henderson, No. 2 Duke
7. MP: Tyreke Evans, No. 2 Memphis
8. AS: DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

9. AS: Wayne Ellington, North Carolina
10. MP: Jonny Flynn, No. 3 Syracuse
11. AJ: Toney Douglas, No. 5 Florida State
12. AG: Terrence Williams, No. 1 Louisville
13. BC: Jeff Adrien, No. 1 Connecticut
14. JM: Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut
15. JP: A.J. Price, Connecticut
16. BP: Earl Clark, Louisville

17. BP: Kyle Singler, Duke
18. JP: Danny Green, North Carolina
19. JM: Ty Lawson, North Carolina
20. BC: Samardo Samuels, Louisville
21. AG: DeMarre Carroll, No. 3 Missouri
22. AJ: Kalin Lucas, No. 2 Michigan State
23. MP: Dante Cunningham, No. 3 Villanova
24. AS: Levance Fields, Pittsburgh

25. AS: Kemba Walker, Connecticut
26. MP: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
27. AJ: DaSean Butler, No. 6 West Virginia
28. AG: James Anderson, No. 8 Oklahoma State
29. BC: Jon Scheyer, Duke
30. JM: James Harden, No. 6 Arizona State
31. JP: Alex Ruoff, West Virginia
32. BP: Sherron Collins, No. 3 Kansas

33. BP: Deon Thompson, North Carolina
34. JP: James Johnson, Wake Forest
35. JM: Jordan Hill, No. 12 Arizona
36. BC: Robert Dozier, Memphis
37. AG: Isaiah Thomas, No. 4 Washington
38. AJ: Robbie Hummel, No. 5 Purdue
39. MP: Eric Devendorf, Syracuse
40. AS: Josh Heytvelt, No. 4 Gonzaga

41. AS: Taylor Griffin, Oklahoma
42. MP: Shawn Taggart, Memphis
43. AJ: Eric Maynor, No. 11 Virginia Commonwealth
44. AG: Dionte Christmas, No. 11 Temple
45. BC: Chase Budinger, Arizona
46. JM: Antonio Anderson, Memphis
47. JP: Leo Lyons, Missouri
48. BP: Cole Aldrich, Kansas

49. BP: Jeff Pendergraph, Arizona State
50. JP: Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga
51. JM: Jeremy Pargo, Gonzaga
52. BC: Jon Brockman, Washington
53. AG: Corey Fisher, Villanova
54. AJ: Darren Collison, No. 6 UCLA
55. MP: Jerel McNeal, No. 6 Marquette
56. AS: DeMar DeRozan, No. 10 Southern Cal

57. AS: Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest
58. MP: A.J. Abrams, No. 7 Texas
59. AJ: Gary Wilkinson, No. 11 Utah State
60. AG: Jerry Smith, Louisville
61. BC: Stanley Robinson, Connecticut
62. JM: Austin Daye, Gonzaga
63. JP: Jerome Randle, No. 7 California
64. BP: Raymar Morgan, Michigan State
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